Clara enjoys swimming by herself in the local pool after dark. One night she discovers a secret in this haunting story of young love.

Vatten is a drama about young unconditional love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vatten torrent reviews

Ian C (au) wrote: This movie was alright, nothing really exciting or intense but the story wasn't too bad nor was the fighting.

(de) wrote: i found this to be a badly made and sub-standard movie...

Gabi B (it) wrote: Crazy and funny situations comedy:) I like performance by Denis, Steve and Elizabeth and I love the soundtrack. It's just great!

Dammy G (nl) wrote: Even as a kid I thought this movie flat out sucked.

Alyssa A (ca) wrote: An intriguing love story about necrophilia. Though the topic was dark I enjoyed the complex characters, costumes, acting, sets, and music. Well done.

Jenny P (nl) wrote: A great classic western!

Brad G (jp) wrote: "Think about that wife of yours Steve. You can't afford to make any mistakes." The cops and robbers of Crime Wave are top notch. James Bell as the gang leader is smarmy and delightfully, villainously cocky. Charles Bronson (billed here under his real name Charles Buchinsky) is stone, and in the opening gas station robbery he is scary tough. Sterling Hayden's cop is hard too. Barking morality, spitting disgust at Gene Nelson's back-against-a-wall stooge. And the film is beautifully lit...or not lit. It's noir dark. Gorgeous. But Crime Wave isn't much of a crime wave. One robbery, and a bank job. And the lead, Gene Nelson is kinda a bore. Entertaining for the side players and its direction, but the story leaves something to be desired. VF.

Gemma B (nl) wrote: Quite good, but not much of a story... By the end of it you just want to slap Stanley (Bette Davis)...