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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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Veendum torrent reviews

Jamie M (es) wrote: Excellent movie. Great acting. Great story. Great filming.

Ms L (fr) wrote: Wonderful story it was so full of action and feeling Mr. Perry's the best!

Ca M (nl) wrote: just like any other martial art revenge movie, but this is on Drunken Fist.

Myfanwy B (au) wrote: LOVE it! Good movie to watch if you are feeling sorry for yourself over getting dumped. Puts it in perspective.

Brad W (ag) wrote: Although the same stories been done so many times before, it was still good. Some good gags, hot chicks and nudity. Can't go wrong. Emmanuelle Vaugier is smokin hot, I would smash that!

Lene (es) wrote: The slapstick may seem annoying but stick with it and it's really quite enjoyable and fun.

lvur (gb) wrote: bunch of 25 year old "teenagers" with childish morbid fascination get more than they bargained for...

Pablo B (ag) wrote: Hace tpo que quera volver a ver "Children of men" (2006). Recuerdo que la vi solo 1 vez hace 10 aos pq la encontr demasiado buena. Pues ayer volv a verla y me pareci incluso mejor de lo que la recordaba. Aunque yo creo que tb se debe a que hoy soy mejor espectador que hace 10 aos."Children of men" me parece un gran ejemplo de que como con una premisa simple y clara puedes hacer una gran pelcula. Eso s, le tienes que poner talento en los personajes, el universo, y el lenguaje cinematogrfico. La distopa representada en la peli creo que roza la perfeccin. Los detalles son exquisitos, hay mucho por ver para entender el mundo creado por los guionistas. Lo ms terrible es que esta pelcula de 11 aos de edad parece hoy ms vigente que nunca, con la crisis de los inmigrantes sirios, el auge de la extrema derecha en Europa, y las polticas xenfobas de Trump. Uno de sus mensajes por supuesto es que todos los seres humanos somos igual de dignos, claro. Tambien veo el subtexto de aceptar la inmigracin en la vida real, siendo esta asociada en la pelcula con el ideal de la esperanza.Gran lenguaje cinematogrfico. Quiz fue en esta pelcula donde por 1ra vez tuvieron alcance mundial las excelentes escenas en 1ra persona que son casi marca registrada del director Alfonso Cuarn. Hermosa fotografa tb, cortesa del 3 veces ganador del Oscar (2013 a 2015, premios consecutivos) Emmanuel Lubezki. No tanto dilogo, el justo y necesario no ms. Brillante para relatar sucesos pasados, por ejemplo, pero no anda sobreexplicando cosas. Hay harto que tienes que mirar para entender. Eso es cine. Si quieren ms dilogo que interpretacin visual pues vayan al teatro, por eso son formas de arte distintas.Nunca haba pensado mucho en el ttulo de la pelcula. Siempre pens que se refera a la ausencia de nios en la distopa de la peli. Hoy creo que mas bien puede referirse al presente que se vive en la pelcula, algo as como "hijos de la humanidad". As como "a esto hemos llegado". Hoy en da creo que "Black Mirror" tom mucha influencia de la sombra visin de la sociedad y la raza humana de "Children of men".Muy recomendable ahora que Trump es presidente. El autor del libro y el director nos dejaron un mensaje sobre el futuro. Elementos de ese futuro que lamentablemente ya parecen existir el da de hoy. Esto es arte. 5 de 5.

Robert T (mx) wrote: A delightful rendition of a literary classic with a unique style and set of characters.

Ben M (au) wrote: So much fun! Like a "Simpsons" Halloween Special that goes for 2 hours.

Luke H (it) wrote: It was a good movie.

David S (ag) wrote: A lovely reminiscence of one boy's realizations about the adult world.

Debbie C (de) wrote: This moviw was a bit disappointing with poor acting but still a good movie to watch.

Steven J (es) wrote: Dr. Mabuse contains the typical great traits of a Fritz Lang film. The story is intresting, the actors do a great job, and Dr. Mabuse himself is a fantastic character. There are many wonderful things about the film, but it's held back by a length, that makes it a tough watch. There is simply too much going on, and it's rather confusing to follow in part one. Part two however is simply amazing. It's too long overall, but still a great film.

Shawn M (au) wrote: This is my favorite Movie of all time.

Harry W (ag) wrote: As a kid, Fearless was the single greatest martial arts film I had ever seen. So the director cut edition on Blu Ray is a spectacle that I could not miss.Fearless is one of the single greatest martial arts films I have ever seen by any scale, because as well as being an awesome action packed experience, it's an enlightening journey about the art of wushu.The directors cut of Fearless is superior to the theatrical version because it is a lot more spiritual than the aforementioned version as within its extra 40 minutes it conveys more of the life changing aspects that made Huo Yuanjia develop as a human being. Even though the story doesn't focus much on answering who he is aside from being a fearless warrior, it does reveal what it is to be a master of the martial arts. So it's an educational experience and an enlightening film.But it's also an unforgettable visual experience. Fearless has some immaculately choreographed action scenes which go on for extensive periods of time. With only a touch of CGI, the fight scenes entertain viewers while filling them with tension and a lack of predictability for what could come next. Fearless had some of the best fights you could see on film and they are all unforgettable sights which are shot as well as they are choreographed and edited perfectly just as the sound effects and musical score is.Really, Fearless combines a powerful story with some incredible action and makes it a powerful experience. One example is that the scene in which Huo Yuanjia stops Hercules O'Brien from dying in the battle between the two and expresses a sense of honourable greatfullness is one of the most iconic images I've ever seen in Martial Arts cinematic history. This is because as a person who has trained in martial arts for 7 years I know the meaning of honour within fight, and when Hercules O'Brien accepts the futility of his life and the fact that it is not a trivial thing to someone like Huo Yuanjia it is truly a strong character development moment, even though it's brief. It's a scene I admire for its sense of honour, and it reflects the positive nature of the entire film. There is just so much life in Fearless, and had I not seen Fearless before years ago and known of its plot, I would have cried at its end.And like a great martial arts film deserves, Fearless has a strongly talented cast.Jet Li completely storms the role of Huo Yuanjia. Even though Fearless is supposedly historically inaccurate and the film is more about his life regarding wushu than him as a person, Jet Li gives it the best talent he can offer as an actor and fully dominates the screen with his acting talent and skill as a martial artist constantly. He never let's viewers down, and he really convinces everybody that he truly is fearless. His character development is at an all time strong in Fearless.Dong Yong also supplied a strong supporting role and played a pivotal role in proving Jet Li's talent for creating a strong chemistry between actors, and he does a good job himself.Nakamura Shido II played a good part in the film's climax by giving a dominating performance and putting up a hell of a fight.Nathan Jones also put up a great fight in his role and delivered his few lines with a graceful strength.So Ronny Yu and Jet Li give it their all in Fearless, and the result is a powerful visual experience which teaches of honour in Wushu.

Bobby N (kr) wrote: I feel like the movie, Patriot Games, directed by Phillip Noyce was a good movie. If I were to rate the movie out of five, I would give the movie a four out of five. The movie did a good job following the book, but they left out some big parts and other small parts of the book. The beginning of the movie had some action because Ryan got in a gunfight with the IRA terrorists who were trying to assassinate the Royal family. Then after the assassination attempt was stopped by Ryan, the movie slowed down. They had Ryan in the hospital, then sent home to Maryland, and then continuing to live his life until he gets the news that the captured IRA terrorist got out of police custody. After Ryan got the news, the suspension was building up. You watched Sean Miller plot his revenge on Ryan and his family for killing his younger brother. Sean had some of his people try to kill Ryan outside of his work while Sean went after Ryan's wife and daughter. Since Ryan killed Miller's brother, he would kill Ryan's wife and daughter. After Miller tried to kill Ryan's wife and daughter the suspense kept on building. As the movie went on, you started to think when would Miller try to kill Ryan. Then at the end of the movie, it took place at Ryan's house. Miller and his people went to kill Ryan. Ryan and his people were looking through his house, but because Ryan was apart of the Marines he knew how to evade an enemy. Ryan's wife and daughter were upstairs hiding because one of Miller's people was on there way up. When the IRA member got closer to where Ryan's wife and daughter was, you started to think if something was going to happen to them, but they are main character so you knew nothing was going to happen to them. Ryan and family evaded the IRA members and ran away from the house. Ryan and his family ran to the boats they own and Ryan decided that he would make Miller think they all went on the boats. You knew in this ending scene that one of them is going to live or both of them will die. Miller's people thought their mission was the Prince of Wales who was visiting Ryan, but Miller's mission was to kill Ryan. Miller and his people saw that Ryan was the only one on the boat so the IRA members told Miller that their mission was to get the Prince, but they ended getting killed because they tried to tell Miller to turn the boat around. You didn't expect that Miller would kill his own people. It was a jaw dropping moment. Miller kept going with the mission. Miller caught up with Ryan and jumped on his boat. They started to fight it out on a moving boat on the ocean during a storm. The adrenaline was rushing watching and waiting to see what happens. In the end, Ryan ends of pushing Miller into an anchor and killing him.Like I said in the intro, the movie did a good job following the book, but left out some big parts of the book. In the book, while Ryan was in the hospital, the doctor said that Ryan had nerve damage in his shoulder and might not be able to use his arm. In the movie, they had Ryan in the hospital for a few days then sent him home. In the movie, after Ryan gets back home asks Ryan if he wants to work at the CIA again as an analyst, but Ryan says no until his wife and daughter are sent to the hospital after being attacked. In the book, Ryan is asked to work again at the CIA and Ryan decided to work there part-time. Then in the book, after Ryan's wife and daughter are attacked and are sent to the hospital, Ryan is surprised to see his father-in-law there because they haven't spoken for three years. In the movie, Ryan's father-in-law was never there. A smaller part that was in the book, but not in the movie is that Miller was helped by an African-American terrorist organization. Then at the ending of the book, the Prince and Princess of Wales came to visit and have dinner with the Ryan's. Then Robby and Sissy Jackson came over too. They got the news that there were shootings near by. In the movie, only the Prince of Wales went to the Ryan's, but both Robby and Sissy Jackson went too. Then there was no shootings in the area too. In the final part of the movie, Miller and his IRA members broke into Ryan's home to kill Ryan and take the Prince of Wales. Ryan, his family, the Prince, and the Jackson's escaped the house and ended up leading Miller to the boats. Ryan took one of the boats to let the others escape. Miller and his IRA members took the other boat and chased Ryan. Miller and his people realized that the others weren't with Ryan. They tried to turn the boat around, but ended up getting killed because they would of stopped Miller's mission. Miller caught up with Ryan and jumped into his boat. Ryan and Miller started to fight. At the end of the fight, Ryan killed Miller by pushing him into an anchor. Ryan saw that they were about to crash into a rock so he jumped off. The FBI hostage rescue team was looking for the boat, but didn't have any luck until they saw the explosion from boat. In the book, the Prince pilots the boat and heads to Annapolis Naval Academy where military personnel help. This movie did a good job following the book, but left out some big parts. It got stale at some parts of the movie, but it was pretty good overall. Like I said, I would give it a four out of five. The actors and actresses were good, but they probably could've found some other actors or actresses.