A straightforward man, who uses violence to settle disputes, decides to mend his ways for the sake of his lover, but when he learns that her family is in danger, he decides to save them at all cost.

A straightforward man, who uses violence to settle disputes, decides to mend his ways for the sake of his lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barton K (it) wrote: More like Enter The Screensaver. It went on forever and ended like 20 times. But if you have been looking for a movie where you enter a girls stomach and have a load blown on your face? They made your movie.

Matt K (nl) wrote: I loved this film. It's so perfectly bizarre, and the fact that it's unfinished and just cuts off in the middle of a scene is just perfect. Ulrich Muhe is fantastic as the extremely confused protagonist. My favorite scene is where K. goes to find some answers from a government official and they try to find a document in an armoire literally full of papers. And they aren't in files or boxes or anything, just in a gigantic stack. It's just great.

Allan C (it) wrote: Trashy and utterly preposterous serial killer story about a group of FBI trainees dropped off at an island with a dummy city for a practice investigation. But guess what? There really is a serial killer on the island who is offing the team members one by one with increasingly over complicated, Rube Goldberg-like traps. However, hit-or-miss director Renny Harlan manages to make the ridiculous story pretty entertaining. It also helps that you've got a decent cast, featuring Christian Slater, Val Kilmer, and LL Cool J. The original story and screenplay was written by the very smart Wayne Kramer ("The Cooler" "Running Scared") but this film is nowhere as smart as the films he's made as a writer/director. Still, if you're in the mood for a popcorn serial killer film, you could do a lot worse than this.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Very good movie. Very funny, very cheesy, good homage to the bad B-movies of the old times.

Jasmine K (fr) wrote: i love tales from the hood

Kevin N (es) wrote: Operatic in tone, theatrical in performance, cinematic in composition. Luchino Visconti's mesmerizing early film is about a woman who falls into a trap of unrequited love and suffers badly for it. The film starts out incredibly slowly. It is as if Visconti wants us to have, initially, the same disinterest in what's in front of us that Livia has. Then, spectacularly, he hooks us in the same way Franz does Livia, with a series of gorgeous visuals and a deliberate and hypnotically thickening story. By the end of the film I was dumbstruck, totally at the mercy of Visconti's drama. He pulls it off not only because he is one of the cinema's greatest visionaries (he surely has a permanent place between Kubrick and Resnais) but also because he is given two extraordinary talents to work with- the versatile Alida Valli and the underrated American actor Farley Granger. The two have the right kind of flawed and haunted chemistry needed for the roles, and Granger especially manages to erupt in a few scenes with welcome dramatic explosions.

Joseph C (ru) wrote: Parts of this film were just silly at times like a normal person being able to throw an axe and hit someone in the head and some effects were way too low budget. There was also too many cheesy lines in there that seem too dry.

Ashley W (es) wrote: Great great great. This is the musical version that "You've Got Mail" copied off of. GREAT. One of three of my favorite Judy Garland movies... she is at her finest in these.

Dan H (au) wrote: Expected more, not that good.

Martin D (fr) wrote: Alec Baldwin stars in this thriller as Dr. Jed Hill, a brilliant young trauma specialist who begins to believe he can do no wrong after he saves the life of a patient given up for dead by another doctor. Jed runs into an old classmate, Andy Safian (Bill Pullman), who is now a college dean. Andy invites Jed to stay with him in the attic bedroom of a house he is renovating with his wife Tracy (Nicole Kidman). Tracy takes a dislike to Jed, whom she thinks is a psychotic egomaniac. In the mean time, Andy has to deal with a serial killer on the loose among the campus dorms. While Andy is helping belligerent law enforcement officials with the murder investigation and Jed is drinking straight shots at the local saloon, Tracy begins to have abdominal pains and is rushed to the emergency room. Jed comes directly from the bar and slices her open, removing more from her body cavity than he should. The allegations fly fast and furious between Tracy, Andy, and Jed.

Paul S (jp) wrote: Very good film Sam Jackson and Milla Jovovich are great to watch.