An ordinary milkman is forced to become the fictional character Velayudham who takes on the scum of the earth.

An ordinary milkman is forced to become the fictional character Velayudham who takes on the scum of the earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Velayudham torrent reviews

Valerie L (es) wrote: I really liked this movie

SLing M W (au) wrote: As a result of "dance" or because of loneliness......

Nicola D (nl) wrote: YOU AINT GONNA GET ME INTO THIS!!

Joshua H (mx) wrote: Well shot with a winning performance from Williams.

Seng Wee T (mx) wrote: Not as good as the first one but I still like it.

Ed P (au) wrote: Harvey Keitel is good in this movie.

Amanda C (jp) wrote: My 2nd fav Dolly Parton movie!

mark f (it) wrote: Better than "Seven" in my opinion, impressive story, great acting . Just absolutely great .

Alton C (de) wrote: This movie was pretty good as far as story, but miles ahead of it's time musically. The opening instrumental really set the tone for me. The musical selections thereafter really moved the story along too. I also liked when Horsemouth broke the cinematic fourth wall, and gave his speech to the audience. That part got me hype as shit!! I also loved all the pot-smoking... that's always a plus. LOL. The only problem I had with the movie was the ending... ya know, it kinda just ended with no real sense of closure. Other than that, this one is a classic. Thank You Local Library, for having this one!!

John G (jp) wrote: As I began watching, I thought it might be a gentler version of Footloose, then later perhaps The Lego Movie aimed more specifically at Christians (and I am one) but eventually I found out it was about fathers and sons, and I experienced... catharsis! It has been a long time since I have gone through that process watching a movie, so I cannot fault it too much, no matter how inane the plot (and it was, kind of). I hope Ray Liotta's performance is recognized... it was real to me. And as for the "follow your dream/gift because it is from God" message, I was a fan of "PK" Alice Cooper and know how he eventually used that as his rationale for continuing to present his sets (does he still sing "I Love the Dead?") and how Ludacris also claims it is a gift from God that he can rhyme about...well, you know. So that part I don't buy so much, logically. But CATHARSIS... that is a precious experience, something that IS, I believe, a gift from God. So, in the midst of the flies, ointment, and how often can that be said, even when there are no flies?

Karel D (mx) wrote: A world where goodness, righteousness and foulness all get mixed into one: a tale with the makings of the real world. Albeit with some martial feats that are easily deemed outerworldly.