• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   forest,   revenge,  

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James H (de) wrote: Moderately spooky, but it never really got me deeply involved with the story. The acting is decent, the special effects were fine. Nothing spectacular.

Sausages M (gb) wrote: Nazis. Vampires. Vampire Nazis. Willam from Rupaul's Drag Race playing it straight. Tits. Confusion. More tits. More Nazis and blood. Ehh, it's crap, really. But hey, watch this with Blubberella, the film that used all the same actors in order to take the piss out of it and it all makes sense... honest.

Tiff T (au) wrote: A little diamond in the rough !Maury Chaykin is fantastic . The soundtrack is one of the best parts of the movie (The Rheostatics are one of my faves...).

To C (fr) wrote: "Perdas e Danos" um filme existencial. Ponto. Entretanto, apesar de bom, este soa perdido em alguns momentos, visto que parece no decidir se investe no caminho do olhar potico (quando mais acerta) ou no caminho do olhar analtico (quando suas fragilidades tornam-se mais claras). Dirigido pelo renomado cineasta francs Louis Malle (vencedor da Palma de Ouro em Cannes com o filme "O Mundo do Silncio - Le Monde Du Silence -", de 1956) e estrelado pelos excelentes em tela Jeremy Irons, Juliette Binoche e Miranda Richardson, "Perdas e Danos" (que foi uma tima recomendao da querida Ana Paula) um filme sensitivo, intimidante e intimidador e que, apesar de algumas "falhas" terem sido abstradas por mim, pede do espectador mais subjetividade e sensitividade do que busca por respostas. No um produto indigesto, longe disso, mas deve ser consumido com pacincia, pois seno poder no satisfazer o espectador por inteiro.

Aaron B (ru) wrote: Well acted but depressing!

Jeff B (it) wrote: Boring precursor to "Apollo 13" ironically released just prior to the actual Apollo 13 mission. Despite the star-power of the cast, this was ably lampooned on MST3K.

Simon H (fr) wrote: Steamboat Bill, Jr. continues to showcase the talents of Buster Keaton which clearly influenced many of today's comedians. Both as an actor and an uncredited director, Keaton knows exactly how to keep humour flowing in a 60 minutes silent movie. His actions and facial expressions are spot on that you can't help but fall in love with him. The chemistry and interaction between him and Ernest Torrence as his father is spot on. Even the dialogue when it is presented is witty and humorous.Other than the comedy side of the film, if there is anything that should be praised it would be the stunt work. With Keaton as his own stunt double you get a seamless flow of stunts without cutting. Some of them are amazing to see especially as they originated in the 1920's. The famous scene that is often shown with the house falling and Keaton going through the window was literally a life or death situation. Steamboat Bill, Jr. is an enjoyable hour and Buster Keaton and his comedic talents come across funnier than a lot of comedy films these days.

Short Horror R (es) wrote: Grainy throwback horror with fitting soundtrack with acting that destroys atmosphere. Satisfying conclusion

Jack G (br) wrote: gets some points for those inventive 'musical' interludes that brought me back to the theme song for Nickelodeon's 'Doug', however that doth not a movie make! Swanberg is hit or miss with me, and this is mostly a miss, with a few interesting beats and a few phone calls that ring of real life in a good way.

bill s (mx) wrote: Fun romp,fun time,fine ride.

Melanie D (de) wrote: I thought Richard Gere was great in this film but the whole doctor/patient romance was a bit too much of a cliche.

Andrew H (jp) wrote: This movie kicked my ass...holy fuck it was great, haha! Why the fuck does this not have a DVD release?!?!!?!?!?!?!

Le M (fr) wrote: I picked this up on DVD for a few quid, not knowing what to expect, but was rather surprised, that it wasnt all that bad. Its no epic blockbuster, but a movie made on a budget, and a movie worth watching. Its not fantastic, but its not a total heap of dung either.