• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Venezuela 1963 full movies, Venezuela torrents movie

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Venezuela torrent reviews

Rene M (fr) wrote: It's an awesome movie I could watch it all day

Gary P (ca) wrote: Phenomenal film - forget the haters - Jesus said if they hate me, they will hate you

Isaac T (jp) wrote: A very interesting piece of art work with a nice climax. The whole movie is free from the masala mixes of bollywood.

Julia P (br) wrote: Are you kidding me? That's retarded.

Saintinnettah D (us) wrote: best movie in 2005!!!!!!!!!!

William T (it) wrote: So much better than PotC

Jehanne L (it) wrote: Another one of my SRK favs..

Jason M (ag) wrote: I loved it!Candy is superb in this funny/fantasy type film of a producer who literally ends up in his own show and has the power to control events.

Thomas C (gb) wrote: An enjoyable movie experience. The major flaw is obviously the casting of Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, who looks more like he's starring in a soap opera, and has that "all-american shine" kind of wannabe cool thing, and results only in being excessively corny. Too bad, since the supporting acting is awesome: Morgan Freeman and especially Alan Rickman are superb, the latter displaying one of the most original and over-the-top villains I've seen, hilarious in its excessive evil without becoming ridiculous.

Linwood J (us) wrote: Great story and based on Richard Pryor's real life. A can't miss for an adult crowd.

Julien C (de) wrote: WTF was that for a movie?

James R (ru) wrote: Marvellous. There is, obviously, no conventional standard whereby this can be described as a "good" film, but there's something so eccentric about the conception and the execution of same that it's a must-see of some sort.

Kristal C (it) wrote: Oh that Elvis - probably not the most suitable spring break chaperone for your teenage daughter. I'm just sayin'.

Michael T (jp) wrote: A strong satire, which was reviled and banned by the French Government in 1950...However, the obsession with naming 'La Regle du Jeu' as one of the greatest pictures of all time is baffling...

Graham M (ag) wrote: A bizarre, moving and enthralling experience like no other that looks and sounds amazing for a British film made in the 1980s

Cheryle J (es) wrote: An absolutely brilliant and beautiful film, get the tissues out