Veera Pandi (Raj Kiran), landlord who is also the most respected person in Pandiapuram, a hamlet near Sivaganga. You guessed it right, he is a do-gooder who commands respect from all and is feared the most by his enemies. Selvam (Dhanush) is his loyal son, who always does the right things at the right time amd sees his father as his role model. Rajalingam (Prakash Raj), the local MLA, who has risen to his position mostly because of the influence enjoyed by Veera Pandi in the region. Rajalingam doesn't share the good motives of Veera Pandi. He has come into politics to enjoy power and earn lot of money. Veera Pandi tries to correct him, but the MLA has no intention to listen to him. At the same time, he cannot afford to ignore Veera Pandi. Meanwhile,Veera Pandi, who has many enemies because of his strictness, wants to protect his son from them. So he sends him to his uncle who lives in Trichi.

A young man supports his father in opposing a local MLA, who often gives them trouble. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Venghai torrent reviews

Sarah H (de) wrote: Hilarious short that has just about all the characters that you love from the first film.

Greg S (jp) wrote: Seems quite empty and shallow like it's characters and feels like a weird patchwork of a Wes Anderson and a Woody Allen film without realizing the charm of either. An otherwise perfectly adequate and unremarkable film.

Jason S (es) wrote: I voted for Romney but I thought he was a robot. This movie shows that he is pretty compassionate, thoughtful, caring, and brilliant. As for the movie, it was not the most riveting documentary I have ever seen, but it certainly was insightful.

Matthew R (it) wrote: A decent movie but not one of Donnie Yen's best outings. The action is great, but by Donnie Yen's typical high standard it is not near as good. It is, however, worth a watch.

Francesco G (jp) wrote: expected more. it would have been nice to see more behind the scenes of season 4

carole s (gb) wrote: i think it's much more interesting than the first one.. and more yuckie...

Frances H (gb) wrote: What surprises me is that this movie was made--it was only a raid in a military action that was short lived, and not very outstanding, considering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or Vietnam. But Ridley Scott has made it into a major film that shows a view of modern warfare that the home audience does not often understand--that the "heroes" are merely men, usually young ones with no understanding of to what they have committed themselves, but able to acquit themselves well and honorably despite their youth and inexperience. And then, the older ones who do it, as "Hoot" says, "for the man standing next to you." A moving film about a subject that is, unfortunately, always timely.

Cody M (it) wrote: The direction and cast handle this material very maturely.

Jose Diego D (fr) wrote: Another failed attempt to remake a masterpiece.

Alex B (us) wrote: The Marx bros. make me almost pee my pants everytime! Good cheer ya up movie!

Choen L (es) wrote: observations of the era when this film was made were put through a light heartedly satirical filter resulting in... this movie.

Rasheed T (jp) wrote: Ben Stiller and Chris Rock steal the movie! Madagascar is worth a family view!