Caco is a proud, handsome man, head of a family, and very powerful in the local community. Yet he has been torn to pieces by the death of his beloved daughter. He constantly visits her ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:French,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:flamenco,   gypsy,  

Caco is a proud, handsome man, head of a family, and very powerful in the local community. Yet he has been torn to pieces by the death of his beloved daughter. He constantly visits her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven B (ag) wrote: This is a documentary about the T-Rex fossil, 'Sue.' This was the largest most complete T-Rex fossil ever found and it generated a decade of conflict. The story is told mainly from the view point of the Larsons and their allies, but all it all it seems fair enough. As documentaries go this one is above average. All the Old Geezers Who Go To The Matinee Alone enjoyed themselves. The US Government does not come off well, and that seems deserved to me. Very interesting film and I hope Todd Miller continues to make them.

Craig E (de) wrote: Looks like it was shot on video with part time actors likely from the local amateur dramatics society. However it is gory, Kurt Angle is OK, but the highlight is Kevin Nash and his scary make-up. Will someone give this guy a serious horror movie to sink his teeth or axe into. Oh yeah one more thing, it is just me or does this seriously 'borrow' from The Fog?

Eric H (br) wrote: This is a great film to show preteens and teenagers for them to see what some people have to go through to attain the basic things many of us take for granted here in America. It really got me interested in studying the subject more.

Byron W (it) wrote: Great movie for smurfs fans

Paul P (us) wrote: A very good looking film with a great cast...The story builds throughout the film but come the end, it underwhelms a little which is a shame. That being said, it's always interesting and the bright and sunny locations make it a nice watch. Where the film succeeds is in the strength of the cast. Watching Firth play a different morally dubious character makes for an intersting watch and Lohman is on pretty good form (although her character is a little under developed). Then we have Bacon. The guy puts in a really solid performance which shows just how underrated and chameleon like he is. Overall, this is a really entertaining film which could have benefited from a stronger story....

Daniel M (gb) wrote: Only if you really like Christian Slater, and movies that can't decide if they are comedy or drama.

Christopher S (de) wrote: Big screen take on the cult soap opera can be muddled by a murky plot if you're not familiar with the series' characters. But it delivers some decently entertaining vampire theatrics, with Jonathan Frid a commanding screen presence as the headlining bloodsucker. Not on the level of better B-movie gothic chillers of the era - say, some of Hammer's best films - but entertaining for cult horror fans.

Matthew L (it) wrote: This should be a stirring 'one man can make a difference' biopic but with Childers, Butlers character, and his 'mission' still ongoing it feels as though the story is unfinished. At times it is sweeping and pulls at the heart strings but not enough to leave a lasting impression. Butler is a charismatic screen presence and can switch between ex-biker gang member and born again Christian in a believable manner but the material is leaves him just short of a great performance.

Daniel K (kr) wrote: An often overlooked minor classic of the gangster genre. Stylish and self-consciously over-the-top, it's a lot of fun while making a serious point. There are some weaker performances (Ice T) but Wesley Snipes is great as the villainous Nino Brown. There's also a decent performance from a young Chris Rock. It's sometimes silly but always entertaining. A great Sunday afternoon movie.

Rafael B (gb) wrote: Wachowski Brothers Destroyed another Classic!This is a Terrible adaptation of an Classic Anime... this is why i hate American Remakes of Japanese animes!