Vent d'est

Vent d'est

The true story of General Smyslovsky and the anti-Communist 1st Russian National Army receiving shelter in Liechtenstein in 1945 and successfully resisting Soviet pressure to be returned for execution in the USSR.

The true story of General Smyslovsky and the anti-Communist 1st Russian National Army receiving shelter in Liechtenstein in 1945 and successfully resisting Soviet pressure to be returned for execution in the USSR. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brent C (kr) wrote: Pretty solid little movie.

Daniel P (de) wrote: A knockout performance from Chris Evans elevates what should have been a gripping true story but the writing is too ordinary and the pace drags too much to make it much more than average.

Melvin W (br) wrote: Carter Page III: I have had some illusions shattered... I thought we weren't an aggressor nation. I thought there was a separation between church and state. Hell, I even thought that the people elected the president."Everyone loves a good scandal"The Walker is an example of great performances in search of a good movie. The whole time I was watching this film, I was thinking, this should be an amazing movie. Woody Harrelson and Kristin Scott Thomas both gave extraordinary performances. The film looked great and had an appeal to it that should have made me love it. But it never managed to suck me in. I was left feeling less than satisfied by the way Schrader managed the tempo and scandal. Schrader had some interesting ideas, but never managed to execute them to their fullest potential.Woody Harrelson plays Carter Page III, a gay escort who spends time with the rich women of D.C. His job is to keep them company, sometimes by playing cards with them. He drives them around , tells them how good they look, and talks to them about everything. One day he is driving Lynn Lockner to where her lover is awaiting her. When she arrives she comes back out telling Carter that the man is dead. Carter decides to cover for her since this would ruin her and her husband's life, and tells the police that he found the man. This puts him as suspect number one, and he soon finds himself knee deep in a scandal.I preferred the last thirty minutes of the film to the first hour, fifteen. The first part of the movie is so dull and at times had me restless. The last part did start to pull me in again, but by that time it was really too late. The Walker had a lot potential, and I did enjoy the performances and the sophisticated sets, but Schrader could have had a masterpiece. Instead it's just a decent little dramatic scandal.

iva L (au) wrote: I'm quite critical with regards to what I consider to be good movies, and this one I truly enjoyed. Crazy & funny movie!!

Denise G (br) wrote: A very funny movie. Monique is hilarious. I like all her movies.

Sarah W (jp) wrote: This film is a visual feast; the cinematography is utterly exquisite and even without a storyline, I would have been transfixed throughout. Walter Salles (Central Station, Motorcycle Diaries) is fast becoming one of my all time favourite screen directors. This is a tale of family honour, pointless revenge, brotherly love, hopeless division, 'an eye for an eye until everyone is blind,' says little Pacu. An age old family feud separates the two families and determines that their beautiful sons perish, one by one. Tonio, (Rodrigo Santoro) is trying to seek love and reason (as well as finish his chores) before his time is up - when the blood stain turns yellow in the wind and he will be hunted down. Set in 1910, in the desert landscape of the Brazilian Northeast, it is 'the middle of nothing' - a place called the Stream-of-Souls. But there's no stream, says the travelling circus when it passes by one day. "No, the stream has all dried up; all that's left here are the souls,' replies little Pacu.

Steven G (gb) wrote: Like an actual cheerleader, Bring it On is adorable and full of energy, but it also lacks depth and wisdom. But the pace and fun spirit of the film make it irresistible regardless.

jair s (jp) wrote: Very touching. A musst see

Dawn K (au) wrote: A decent baseball movie [I LOVE baseball movies and have seen almost all of them out there. This was one of them that I had just never gotten around to] that makes fun of the game, while also paying reverence to it at the same time. Kevin Costner is brilliant in this and I remembered why I loved him as an actor. And Tim Robbins [who I am not a huge fan of] really shines in this as the dimwitted Nuke. The language was a huge turn-off for me [just the coarseness of it] and I almost turned it off because of that, but kept watching and was rewarded with one of the best movie endings I have seen in awhile. This was not the BEST baseball movie I have ever seen, but it was not the worst either.

Alex r (us) wrote: Return to Horror High is an interested concept for a horror comedy. Told in a series of flashbacks, Return to Horror High is a fine parody of other Slashers. The film is sort of confusing to follow, but is pretty entertaining. The thing that is quite hard to follow is how to tell the real kills, from the fake one The use of flashbacks is a good idea for this film, only if it was told in a way that it would make sense for the viewer. The film is definitely ahead of its time, in the sense that this is one of the first spoofs of the Slasher genre. This is a fun, tongue in cheek horror comedy that delivers some pretty decent kills on-screen. This is an underrated film in the slasher genre, and one that shouldn't be vilified like it has. If you enjoy a good, cheesy comedy horror flick, a neglected gem of 80's horror sleaze, then Return to Horror High is the perfect film for you to watch. The film, along with other B movie Slashers such as Slaughter High and Cutting Class is one of the 1980's most fun Slashers films. Sure, the film won't win any prizes, but for what it is, Return to Horror High is a good cheesy Slasher with a unique idea. Everything is over the top, and this is an entertaining film if you're used to the genre. By the time the 1980's came to a close, the Slasher was uninspired, boring and flat. Films like this one brought an element of cheesy fun to the genre. If you enjoy a cheesy horror flick, then give this one a shot. The film is pretty underrated and it really doesn't deserve the flack it has received. One of the better Slasher spoofs. The only thing is, is that the film is a tad confusing with its flashback sequences, you may be thrown off by which scene is a real kill and which one isn't.

Linda A (us) wrote: Another really funny film. Not as funny as Dracula Dead And Loving It but still just as good. I do love it, hilarious!

Donald W (es) wrote: This version of the Dracula story is slow moving and is packed with vampire clichs. The acting is bad and the story is strange. For some reason they moved Dracula to the American south and put him in a southern plantation. They put this movie on the second disk of the Dracula Legacy Collection of DVD's. It's not a well made DVD. It makes it hard to watch the first part of the movie. In the movie Dracula always appears first as a mist or a bat. Although the movie is title Son of Dracula in the movie they imply the vampire is Dracula and uses the name Alucard to hide his identity. It's clever but all the character's in the movie realize almost immediately that it's Dracula spelled backwards.

Nathan C (jp) wrote: A ridiculously funny musical that manages to work. It seems like it shouldn't, but, because of the lucidly witty comedy, the historical accuracy, and the genuine effort of making it into a musical, it just does. It's worth a shot if you're really curious.

Claire M (de) wrote: This movies not the best but I do think there are some cute parts. I love wedding related movies/shows so this was for me

Ric S (au) wrote: FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY. If you are a mindless, uneducated prude you will dislike this movie. If you enjoy laughing and you are not a "politically correct" moron you will be glad you saw this movie.

Greg W (au) wrote: well crafted mystery/thriller