Maurice is an aging veteran actor who becomes absolutely taken with Jessie - the grandniece of his closest friend. When Maurice tries to soften the petulant and provincial young girl with the benefit of his wisdom and London culture, their give-and-take surprises both Maurice and Jessie as they discover what they don't know about themselves.

Life for a pair of veteran actors gets turned upside down after they meet a brash teenager. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laural R (gb) wrote: Like a brilliant Pretty in Pink re-make for the millennials, except with a better ending.

Jason T (kr) wrote: The dance sequences are well done and full of energy. The plot though is paper thin with cheesy dialogue. Stay for the dance fast forward through the plot.

Marco G (au) wrote: Es algo diferente a las demas, es entretenida, el cambio de cast no me parecio

Ashley G (nl) wrote: i love the movie of two weeks with sally field its one of the best movies by sally

Michelle W (ag) wrote: Adorable film about childhood romance, and immediately this reminded me of Flipped but definitely did not garner the same reaction or feel I had with the other film. It is really cute and sweet though, and I enjoyed both performances from the small leads (at the time). Probably another Josh Hutcherson film that made me realize he acted long before Hunger Games (which I did not know until now unfortunately).

Anthony P (au) wrote: Even though i give this a 3.5, it is an unique film that is definitely worth watching and worth experiencing.

Andrew D (ca) wrote: Just about as depressing as you would expect.8.5/10.

Katelyn G (mx) wrote: I've loved this movie ever since it first came out!

Allan C (kr) wrote: You know it's going to be an awesome post apocalyptic movie when the open credits include "Special Appearance by Richard Moll as Kragg".

James H (fr) wrote: 60/100. Good cast in a average modern western drama. Kim Basinger is effective in her feature film debut, Jan-Michael Vincent gives a strong and insightful performance. The characters are well defined, the music is great, it's too bad they didn't take a few more chances on the screenplay, but it's well enough done. Good photography and use of locaqle filming.

Kirsten M (ru) wrote: I Love Matt Dillon And Chris Makepeace and the rest of this cast.

Jason J (ca) wrote: A parody of sorts of a spy action movie which is very camp but hugely enjoyable. Using a mix of vivid colours, weird camera angles, sexy female assassins and lots of action sequences, this movie has plenty to keep the viewer more than entertained. Even though it may be somewhat of a parody, this movie is played straight with a high body count. The action is pretty exciting and come thick and fast. Akira Kobayashi is great who plays his role with a James Bond like flair. In fact there are several nods to 007 in this movie: the dance by 2 people sprayed completely in gold is one for example. The director has even admitted that due to Bond mania sweeping the world at the time, this movie was a direct response to it. You would have to think the people that came up with this movie was tripping out on something.Overall this is a great movie that's a lot of fun to watch. Seeing some ingenious devices such as the bomb in a golf ball or the bamboo bazooka to get out of a sticky situation is only a part of what makes this crazy movie work so well. If you're in need of a brainless diversion on a rainy day this movie could be what you need. It'll certainly leave you with a smile on your face as the end credits roll.

Harpreet S (it) wrote: A really well made film, with fine performances by Boyer, Darrieux, and De Sica. It was not that enjoyable to watch for me, but it is a good film, especially the second half. Watch it once.

Ginger C (ca) wrote: My favorite play. I've seen every version committed to film that I can find and this one surpasses them all. Additionally it's one even my young grand daughter enjoyed and understood. Tennant shines in this production which has been called "the Hamlet of a generation". I loved how he brought out Hamlet's smart-mouth side, yet still delivers even in the darkest scenes.

Tonya N (kr) wrote: the thing that made this movie bearable was Angie Harmon.