Venus Beauty

Venus Beauty

Madam Nadine manages with pride the "Vénus Beauté" Salon which offers relaxation, massage and make-up services. The owner and her three beauticians: Samantha, Marianne and Angèle are pros. Contrary to her friend Marianne, who still dreams of the big day, Angèle no longer believes in love. Marie, the youngest of the three employees, discovers love in the hands of a sixty year-old former pilot, who risks everything...

Employees of a beauty parlor in search of love and happiness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ernesto R (fr) wrote: Ilove naruto i watch all the eposides...

Tristan M (ru) wrote: Deep interesting movie, that requires a good amount of attention to get all the details. Has a good lead actor, who like the rest performs very well. I didn't fully know what the plot was until I saw the movie, but heard it was good so thought why not. The pace is what I would call 'calm' not slow and not particularly fast. It is steady and let's us take in all the details of the plot, and is interesting overall. The ending isn't the typical everyone wins that is predicted, but the right thing is done and is satisfying at least. Overall good movie, don't have much to say about it but is well done, enjoyable and recommended.

Mehmed T (kr) wrote: Naughty and nice :))

The Critic (de) wrote: Ron Howard's compelling film about one of the most famous American television interviews utilises its artistic license to an extent that 'Frost/Nixon' is best taken as a piece of creative non-fiction rather than an outright historical drama. This does not distract from the competencies of the production, whose design, score, photography and editing give the film a sense of authenticity. In the titular roles, Michael Sheen is boyishly charismatic and the perfect opponent to the assured and intimidating Frank Langella; Oliver Platt and especially Kevin Bacon are in solid form as their respective sidekicks. That these particular actors aren't spitting images of their real-life counterparts is irrelevant - their performances are strong and affecting because they embody vital characteristics that give them the depth required for the telling of such a story. Even though the film might keep those unfamiliar with the events leading up to the interview at a distance, a viewing of Alan J. Pakula's superior 'All the President's Men' (1976) will help put this into context, it's a worthwhile exercise nonetheless.

Dutch V (us) wrote: This was okay, the car chase at the beginning was pretty sweet. The problem was that the emphasis was on the fact that they tried to make the story too important. I just wanted to see more ass kicking than was presented.

Chris M (jp) wrote: Shows violence as it is - horrible. So horrible I turned off after 52 seconds.

Eliabeth H (ca) wrote: love this movie it made me cry R.I.P Paul love u

Kinjal T (nl) wrote: awesome movie and kinda sad

Alex T (ag) wrote: An almost disturbing look at how a band functions on many different levels and the struggle put up trying to keep some sort of artistic integrity. After watching this film one of my friends said this makes me want to start a band and my other friend said or rather make you afraid of making a band. This movie starts off with two bands The Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. One of them becomes semi successful and the other is destroys itself from within. But the movie is more about the similarities of the two independent rock groups rather than the differences. They try to start a revolution against the tyrants which are the major music labels. But one member spouts off you have to be part of the machine if you want a revolution. So one makes nationally released records and tours the world, the other barely makes ends meet and releases albums independently. But at what cost do you sacrifice the artist in you. One of the best band members in the movie refuses to give in to the machine and only seeks perfection in his words and the sounds and expects no less from any other member and goes quick to correct him. His vision can?t be altered or he will literally kick your ass, or at least in the face. The style of this documentary is also astounding almost being that gritty unprofessional independent spirit in which these bands were formed in. Dig is one of the most entertaining and unbelievably disturbing rockumentary?s in recent years.

Dave C (ru) wrote: Very light entertainment

Jake P (fr) wrote: It's not a great film but it's good.

Anna J (kr) wrote: I don't know what the 29% is about. Pootie Tang (or at least the firs 20 minutes of it so far) is the greatest movie I have ever seen/

Tom K (ru) wrote: George Romero stays true to form with another weird tale. While not his best, Bruiser certainly has its moments...and female characters!

Bjorn O (jp) wrote: Vissa kallar nog det hr fr smrja och spekulativt, jag kallar det fr riktigt bra, Kommunism, snusk, symbolik, ckel, vackra scener, tok,dokumentra inslag...vissa scener sitter man och vrider sig fr att det r jobbigt, s ska bra film vara, enormt snygg och en stor upplevelse

Ryan V (ca) wrote: An inner-city karate school is empowering the kids while keeping them off the streets, but the mob wants that building since it's sitting on valuable land. They try to seize it with their army of thugs, dope pushers, and corrupt politicians, but none of the bad guys reckoned with the face-kicking heroics of Black Belt Jones (Jim Kelly). Director Robert Clouse rehired Jim Kelly after his scene stealing performance in Enter The Dragon and, despite the boilerplate plot, this kung fu blaxploitation hit is easily the most popular film that Mr. Kelly headlined. The script is campy, the acting almost defines amateurish, certain scenes drag on, and the cartoonish action sequences evince The Three Stooges more often than Bruce Lee, but this cheeseball film can still be pretty entertaining if one is down for this sort of thing. The slapsticky climax in the car wash alone is ample evidence as to why Black Belt Jones has earned a space in the heart of many who adore cinematic junk food.

Jason R (jp) wrote: Rather slow moving, odd Hammer werewolf movie. Curse of the Werewolf is Hammer's only werewolf movie, and isn't very traditional. The werewolf is almost a combination of myth and the truth behind the myth ("werewolves" often could have been people suffering from some sort of mental illness). Reed's werewolf was born from a mute and a madman, became a werewolf after the taste of fresh blood, and could remain human through love. The makeup is good, and the film has a very bright, clean look to it.

Private U (nl) wrote: This is a must see movie! It is a heart stopper when Marguerite is stranded by the tides. Two sisters love the same man. What a story!

Austin D (us) wrote: An excellent documentary, funny, beautiful, sad, and so interesting!

Jrmie A (gb) wrote: Great Direction, great performance from Cruise.