During one hot summer day, little things happen to the visitors and workers of an old thermal resort in southern Chile. Julieta, Francisco, Isa, Rodrigo, Ignacio, Mariana, Muriel, Gabriela,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raghul S (kr) wrote: 7Aum Arivu Review : Another great attempt from Actor Surya and Director A.R. murugadoss after Ghajini. The movie deals with the History, about the Bodhidharmar who lived 1600 years ago. After a long time, a good Tamil cinema, that too given main importance to our language. The heroine has got equal importance just like the heroes of Tamil cinema. She is the one who moves the storyline.Surya at his best as usual, both as Bodhidharmar and as Circus master (Aravindh). Shruthi haasan, after a long time we got a heroine who speaks Tamil well. She was amazing and she done justice to her role. After all, the negative character played by Johnny Nguyen (dong lee), the best antagonist so far. A.R. Murugadoss once again proved that he is one among in the top ten directors list. Harris Jeyaraj songs were good, but not catchy except yamma yamma and yellalema. Editing and Cinematography is a great plus to this movie, outstanding visuals. The movie was worth watchable, but fails in the expectation it gave. Watch it in theatres to know about the history, it is a great attempt from the director. I don(TM)t know why the rating was very less for this movie, sure I will give 8/10 for this great effort and attempt.

Paul D (ca) wrote: This movie was funny! Jennifer Aniston gave the funniest performance I've ever seen out of her. The comedy wasn't consistent throughout, but it still had more than enough moments to keep me laughing. All in all, this is a decent film that is worth the watch!

Branko V (ca) wrote: Crude but funny lines

Valerie O (jp) wrote: A movie about homeless living on the train tunnels in NYC. Surprisingly uplifting ending.

Recaldo N (ca) wrote: Diz movie shows how miserable females can be....I love it!!!!

Alan W (ca) wrote: This is a good movie

Bheema D (es) wrote: It gets the star for SFX and hot bodies.

mirabella 1 (nl) wrote: Interesting twist on the concerns the daughter of Jack the Ripper(played by the lovely Miss Angharad Rees). She fears that she had inherited her father's murderous lusts & seeks the assistance of a helpful young psychiatrist.A worthy offering.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: How to Train Your Dragon is inspiring and meaningful. This movie teaches you to take care of the things you love. The plot of this movie is brilliant. I would suggest this movie.