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Joe J (nl) wrote: It's the end of the world, and the Weaver family is just trying to survive. Father Scott (John Fantasia), mother Emily (Lise Moule), daughter Rebecca (Anna Ross) and son Aaron (Steve Vieira) are heading to a small town in hopes of finding their other son, but they're being tracked by a gang of murderous bikers, and a strange entity that threatens to destroy them all.This film was a very low-budget Canadian film, and if the acting wasn't so awful it would've been a great film, especially with the twist ending. There was a lot of surprising moments, but none more surprising than the finale. Unfortunately it was weighed down like an anchor by the poor acting.

Matthew L (nl) wrote: With a genius premise and a cast that knows their not making high art this is a riot from beginning to end. Worth it for the fantastic riff on Jaws famous scar scene.

Michael H (au) wrote: Bloody rubbish! This guy has so much talent and he chooses to make things like this and hole in the heart!

Ryan M (es) wrote: Hard movie to review: it was fun to watch, especially in the beginning, but then it veers off the rails and heads into a directionless plot with two people hanging out in Target. It really fails on all levels: plot, romantic comedy, thriller, observation on two lost souls, quirky indie picture. Still, it's fun to watch Frank Whaley crash into things on roller skates.

Craig C (gb) wrote: A Flawed but fascinating and suspenseful thriller.

Alex W (fr) wrote: Hitchcock is mostly know for his scary movies but this falls more into the adventure and misery category's similar to north by northwest. It still has a lot of the trademark tension in a few interesting scenarios, including a particularly tentious scene in a windmill. I also found the plot to be much more believable and less dated then north by northwest. There is also a impressive plane crash sequence shown from the view from inside the plane. You definitely get the message that the makers of this film wanted america involved in the war. Its also crazy to think that all this was in theaters right as London was first being bombed yet before pearl harbor. I also though that Laraine Day was great as the female lead and very pretty, she has some beautiful peirceing eyes. Its a shame to see she didn't do many other films. This movie has one of my most hated old movie tropes where the 2 leads fall in love at the drop of a hat. Aside from that this is a good film but not great.

Camille L (it) wrote: Non. Quand personne ne fait d'efforts, il n'y a pas de miracle. Gothika fait partie de la caste des films si fades, si hallucinants de mediocrite qu'il est impossible de defendre une telle entreprise morte-nee. Entre une realisation qui multiplie les jump scares, des acteurs catastrophiques (Halle Berry et Penelope Cruz, c'est comme d'habitude, Charles S. Dutton & Robert Downey Jr., c'est plus ennuyeux), un scenario scandaleusement idiot, des SFX dignes des pires DTV 90's et une musique omnipresente et inaudible, Gothika se range directement dans la fosse a purin.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Still holds up. Love this movie.