Vereda tropical

Vereda tropical

Film about the writer Manuel Puig and the years he spent in Río de Janeiro.

Film about the writer Manuel Puig and the years he spent in Río de Janeiro. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erik B (ca) wrote: The producers may not be ashamed, but they ought to be.

Robert H (ca) wrote: Loser with unfulfilled life has erotic dream. Buys a book about dreams - and is told there are ways to control dreams. So he tries to learn how to control his own dreams to find happiness in his sleep instead of his real life.Sounds like a premise for a quirky, original, indie movie, or something by Charlie Kaufman. Instead, this movie is lacking in any sense of humour, filled with self-loathing and unpleasant characters. The cast is completely wasted, and the film leaves you feeling hollow, unhappy and unfulfilled. Avoid.

Fraser H (es) wrote: A strange film with shades of 'The King of Comedy'. Very difficult to understand the main character's motives

Nick H (au) wrote: Inaccurate but a good watch (if your South African...)

N (us) wrote: screen play iss good nice movie

Walt S (mx) wrote: Too many Cold War era dinosaur movies out there now. Foreign film writers/directors need to lighten up a tad. Roberto Bennini did up "Life Is Beautfiul" quite masterfully! "Life" had the right blend of dark comedy and historical/social commentary all done up nicely.

Judge L (us) wrote: Have seen this a few times since it first came out. Watched it on the CDG-SLC flight.

Private U (jp) wrote: Finnish film at its best

Jake R (fr) wrote: Exterminate all rational thought.

Abby D (ag) wrote: I loved that this movie was funny and scary! It was so much fun to watch!

Sam L (ag) wrote: Intensely emotional and powerfully relevant.

Chad R (ca) wrote: HA that is John Wayne's son! Claymation Sabertooth tigers and cyclops! Who could ask for more?