Veredicto final

Veredicto final


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Jeremy K (de) wrote: All in all, not a bad flick; kind of reminiscent of other mediocre ghost stories. Same overused plot, just set on a college campus.

tedrock (de) wrote: i enjoyed how it sort of made fun of it's self but it was taken too far.

Khan S (mx) wrote: I love this film, and Roger Ebert is right...this film itself gives u a reason to buy a Blu-Ray player...

Ca H (ag) wrote: I was so shocked when the credits rolled on this film, I didn't believe it had already been an hour and 20 minutes! That the film is basically one single long conversation across Paris is so unique, even more so than the last film. It was so incredibly interesting and beautiful and special. So many interesting and big ideas were explored whilst similarly just following one small relationship. Amazing.

Heather M (de) wrote: Sawa was great in this silly black comedy.

Dawn C (mx) wrote: one of my favourite cronenberg films

Marysol M (kr) wrote: Terrible movie, is Gere going downhill?