Veronika Decides to Die

Veronika Decides to Die

After a frantic suicide attempt, Veronika awakens inside a mysterious mental asylum. Under the supervision of an unorthodox psychiatrist who specializes in controversial treatment, Veronika learns that she has only weeks to live.

The story centers on Veronika, a woman in her mid twenties who appears to have everything: good looks, good job and a great life ahead of her. Yet she decides to end her own life. She is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrea O (au) wrote: a 2013 Children Of The Corn.....this movie had me wit nightmares lol! the 1 time its cool 2 sock a kid

Jessica R (ca) wrote: very good and sad to

Paul D (gb) wrote: Crude parody of the docudrama genre with some characterful but ultimately dumb policemen and woman that provide the humour. Not great or even funny, but fun.

Briana A (jp) wrote: My first watched gay movie!

Laura D (fr) wrote: Funny. Entertaining. For its time amazing special effects.

Andy C (ca) wrote: Definitely set in India. You can tell by all the tigers and whatnot (don't tell Michael Bay, he still thinks they live in Egypt or something.) Decent story.

frederator d (ag) wrote: While better than Volcano, its still a tightly scripted and poorly performed cult classic not for the ages!

stefano l (it) wrote: This sci-fi movie is made very brilliantly, because you perceive the film is settled in the future, but you don't understand how a distant future from now (also if they tell you at the beginning of the movie that is not a far future), and the use of special effects and futuristic objects is nearly absent at all. That creates a very comfortable vision for the spectators, that feel like they are in the current era, just with some small evolutions, and they perfectly accept the idea of a future like the one proposed. Another part that is well made is the creation of the atmosphere of oppression. Mainly because of what you see (the controlles police makes nearly in every moment of the film, or because you see all those people that make analyze others' genes in order to see if they are valid or in-valid, and so on) but not only. This is the sci-fi I really like. But, at the opposite of all the premises that I expressed earlier, I think that the directors failed in create that empathy between the actors and the spectators, that in a movie based on the feelings and hopes of the characters are probably the most important things to transmit.

Allan C (us) wrote: Harry Callihan is back for a fourth time in what was Clint's first time taking on the series as it's director. Sondra Locke is a woman who was brutally raped and now, years later, seeking revenge on those who wronged her and her now permanently disabled sister. It's a sleazier story than most Dirty Harry films, which gives it a darker feel. In terms of the film's politics, it's not new territory, though it does come with a new twist. Callihan was the near-vigilante breaking the rules in the first film. In the second film, he was offered the change to join a group of rogue cops who really are vigilantes and can't see crossing that line to openly breaking the law. This film takes that same notion on again, but this time Callihan must choose between the law and justice in what to do when faced with what to do with Locke's revenge killings. Another diversion from the previous films, Clint makes Locke somewhat of a Hitchcockian heroin, shouting her in mystery. I never really cared for the darkly lit look of Clint's films during this period of his directorial efforts, though the dark atmosphere did compliment what are probably the most vile of all the villains in the Dirty Harry series. Still, Clint is still a great onscreen personality that's hard not to find compelling. Pat Hingle and Albert Popwell both appear in supporting roles. Lalo Schifrin provided the music and Bruce Surtees did the dark photography. Not my favorite of the series, but still pretty darn good.