A loving father and husband, as well as being a well respected Boer-officer, decides upon hearing that the enemy (the British) are planning a "scorched earth"- policy to go home and protect...

A loving father and husband, as well as being a well respected Boer-officer, decides upon hearing that the enemy (the British) are planning a "scorched earth"- policy to go home and protect... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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CJ C (ag) wrote: "Open up & let the Devil in..."1. This film needs to be viewed more then once.2. It was not "psychodelic" or "trippy" as promoted.3. Just think symbolism & you'll get the plot. Just what does the hedge represent? the scrying mirror, the black cloud in the sky? 4. Reece Shearsmith scared the pants off me when he came out of the tent possessed. Yes, possessed. 5. The film was suspenseful & a bit scary, but needed to be edited better. Those stand still shots were comical & ineffective. And just because you make a film in b&w doesn't automatically make it "atmospheric."6. Without the slap-stick & penis footage, the film might have been genuinely frightening.p/s my thx to Pamela for burning it for me. :)

Sanjid P (it) wrote: Another excellent documentary. I was prepared with a pen & paper to write down all the titles of those awesome unseen films and already added plenty of them in my want-to-see list. Oh, sooo many more movies to watch! I wish I could have them all in a box set.

Renee R (kr) wrote: Its slow, wasn't much to the story line

Andrew N (mx) wrote: as soon as the Shelby GT500 could not out run a bunch of cops on an open freeway, I turned it off not to mention the acting was bad even from actors that normally are great actors in other movies.

Ryan C (gb) wrote: Forgettable, but cute

ashley r (ru) wrote: Porn is better than this

Ahmed J (ca) wrote: So goddamn stylistic and loved every minute of it except the ending. Wondering if somehow Mirror's edge was inspired by this movie

Grayson W (it) wrote: Really not one of my favorites considering how popular it is. I like Clive barker but the villain in this movie seems kind of dull. The first half of the movie was suspenseful and interesting and mysterious. Once the villain is revealed, and isn't particularly scary the movie deflates a bit for me.Hillary Clintons acting is excellent though.

Fran H (ca) wrote: One of Bill Murray's best films. He and Ramis team for a very funny and goofy film. I loved it. Much better than Ghostbusters.

Calvin C (it) wrote: Sally Field is great in this. A well-deserved Oscar.Grade: B+

Paul D (fr) wrote: Low budget horror with cult value. It's pretty much a story dealing with loss and this is expressed mostly through the father figure as the film progresses. The zombie storyline is an interesting way to express this.

Donraleigh (ru) wrote: Made for TV werewolf movie. Nothing spectacular but entertaining.

Private U (fr) wrote: The perfect murder? Dean Stockwell is great. A little long winded speech at the end by Welles kills a bit of the impact at the end still worth watching.

EWC o (ru) wrote: Unlike other Rambo movies, this one is noble and only kills when necessary. Impressive setpieces and good messages keep this one up

Scott H (ru) wrote: These reviews are total crap. This movie is much muuch better than people give it credit for. If you don't get Verhoeven, you won't get this film. The guy in the reviews below who says this should be shown as a "what not to do" movie to film students is an idiot.

Denise M (de) wrote: Being English I thought it would be easier with the accents, but I eventually tuned my ear. Great story... with a slant from the other side

Jacob B (br) wrote: Even though it has a few flaws, 'Cabaret' is still an entertaining musical with a good performance by the Liza Minnelli as the ever-adorable Sally Bowles.