A group of adventurers make a perilous journey up a mountain.

In the mountains, they stand alone against whatever will happen. For the several days they live in nature, they can rely only on themselves and each other. Elsewhere, there is always a fallback - here one is without a safety. This in itself can bring some to terror - the terror of having to rely on yourself - your own judgment, wits and fortitude. This is also the most incredible feeling of strength and independence. Knowing there is no safety means having to be one's own safety. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron C (nl) wrote: A beautiful documentary documenting master-animator Miyazaki's creative process. An insight into that imaginative mind of his that comes out in his daily routines, quirks and decisive micromanaging. The snippets of Suzuki, Goro and Takahara were precious too, in understanding the marvel that is Ghibli.

Nicole R (de) wrote: important topic. i felt for the families. felt like a propaganda film to me.

Sugarissa Candy J (jp) wrote: im not sure about movie's genre ~~ it's not clear ~~ a mixed one ~~ i couldnt finish it up so im giving a bit more stars as i dont know what's happening in the end ~~ i think the movie gives me an idea about spanish movies and seems they've got a somewhat good taste on it ~ not so many countries are successful in this genre ~~ i like the woman getting on top his husband with clothes ~~ i'll try it on my fucker! ^o^

DoriLee B (mx) wrote: this seems like a good show to see!

Joe A (us) wrote: Deliverence meets Jaws as a bunch of city folk go on a hunting trip and cross paths with a pack of crazy rednecks and an enormous wild boar. No where near as fun as it sounds or should be. My apologies to the makers of Jaws and Deliverence for even mentioning them in the same breath as this time waster.

Clarice I (br) wrote: lykd part 2 beta...but none the less...Great

stefn birgir s (ag) wrote: If yoou want a Ron Jeremy's penis is out to kill you movie, that's what you get.

Carreh R (au) wrote: A very touching portrayal of what it is like to be 13 and different and gay. I know I was.

Hal M (jp) wrote: Annoyingly convoluted plotting and some real fakey fight scenes. The cast is generally good, the director though can't decide whether this is a campy comedy or a suspense film; thus it fails either way.

Diana D (fr) wrote: What a huge disppointment. After seeing Calamity Jane with Doris Day I always wondered if they would re-make this classic with an all-star cast, as they did... but this 1995 production was HORRIBLE! The only decent acting was by Gabriel Byrne. Sam Elliott did a fair job, although he was grossly underused. I think someone had a great idea here, just didn't quite follow through. Were the editors on holiday? Script writers high? The script was painfully cliche, predictable and almost wacky. I hate wacky. The story line was weak, and really could have used some stronger conflict. Bored me to death. Sorry I don't have one good thing to say about this movie other than Gabriel Byrne was fantastic. I'm going to have nightmares now about Anjelica Huston trying to be John Wayne.

Andrey B (fr) wrote: Good romantic picture with beatiful actors that delights you.

Pol N (nl) wrote: Sam te quiero tanto.