Veruthe Oru Bharya

Veruthe Oru Bharya

Sugunan finds a lot of analogies between his life and the power supply. He also has a wife named Bindu and a daughter who's a ninth grader. Sugunan is a man who takes his wife for granted, and often doesn't think twice before he acts.

Sugunan finds a lot of analogies between his life and the power supply. He also has a wife named Bindu and a daughter who's a ninth grader. Sugunan is a man who takes his wife for granted, and often doesn't think twice before he acts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oscar D (es) wrote: Watchable action flickr with ageing Seagal still throwing a punch or two

Gerardo M (ca) wrote: The movie as an ideas of a super cyclone and natural disaster sounds very attractive, but the execution on this film was terrible with the poor effects of a low budget movie of the 1980s. I would like to see it with a better production, and better effects. The movie has some good clips of acting, but the bad ones are very notorious. This movie didn't get the 1/2 star on my opinion due to the presence of Ming Na, who somehow gives the feeling that she is trying to make the film more credible. You can try to avoid this particular film.

Amari S (ag) wrote: OverviewIn this white savior narrative, an idealistic American woman shows the talents of the indigenous kids of Australia by having them do Hamlet.Review (with Spoilers)I don't recall seeing Christina Ricci's face since when she was on The Good Wife and Pan Am back in 2012, so it's nice to see, two years later, she is still working. Though with this being your usual white Savior type film, it does make you wonder if this was really that good of a choice for her. Well, read below to find out.Characters & StoryDino (Christina Ricci) has just recently returned to Austrailia, after going to college there, due to her boyfriend Simon (Daniel Henshall). But, just because she may have moved to a different country for a man, don't think she doesn't have aspirations. Dino seems very into videography, and has a background just right for a local school, which mostly caters to indigenous kids, that is on its last leg.Enter Liam (Hunter Page-Lochard) who plays the poor, unfortunate student of which Dino focuses on. Liam lives with his mother and brother Steve (Mark Coles Smith), and his father is in jail. Though with how Steve is steering his life, and tries to steer Liam's, it seems eventually his mother maybe living in their home alone. But Dino tries to prevent this by getting Liam involved in her Hamlet production. However, with Steve wanting to pursue revenge for his uncle's death, and wanting Liam to help, will Dino get to save this one kid or will he fall through the cracks?PraiseHonestly, when I was writing this I placed what is in the criticism as praise. But, thinking about it, honestly with every bit of praise I can fathom comes some form of disappointment. So while it is nice that Liam and Dino got some slightly developed stories, at the end of the day the film sort of ignores what would make two great movies on their own and sadly combines them.CriticismFor those of you who watch Orange is the New Black, like that show this movie has characters which are, for a lack of a better term, people of color who are far more interesting than the white lead. Liam, for example, has quite a rich story that I wish was more focused on. For between the relationship he has with his family; his friendships, which are sadly unexplored; and this romance he has with Williemai (Madeline Madden), you can see a lot of what could have made the story a bit more compelling was traded in so that Ricci's character maintained dominance.And while it may sound like I'm implying Dino wasn't interesting, the truth of the matter is that I just felt that with the potential Dino and Liam's story had, mixing the two was just a waste for both of them. For Dino has had quite a life herself. Between her dad's suicide, lesbian affairs, and her being closeted, I feel like neither Liam nor Dino got justice for their stories for it was watered down into a white savior film.Overall: TV ViewingThis is the type of film which simply has wasted potential. It has two perfectly good stories, both which warrant their own film, but in order to fit the mold of a white savior film both stories get diluted and end up ultimately disappointing. But, even with that said, the pieces we are given are interesting enough to warranting seeing this. So, this is being labeled as TV Viewing.

Sunay S (it) wrote: I avoided watching Dev D thinking it was just another adaptation. A good 40 minutes into the movie, I even thought I was right. Abhay Deol kept me engrossed. The films had bold attitude, good cinematography and ofcourse Amit Trivedi's incredible score. However, the story moved from one character to another unconvincingly. For example, I never actually believed that Dev loved Paro "to death" and hence embarks on this self-destructive path. But maybe I was never meant to believe that because after all this is an unconventional adaptation of Devdas. As Dev arrived in Delhi, things changed for me. My interest took a sudden turn thanks to the incredible portrayal of Delhi; from streets, to nightlife, to people, to culture. The direction drastically improved and the cinematography was overwhelming. Abhay Deol manages to draw pity from his viewer but at the same time you feel as if he deserves this pain because he still hasn't shed his ego. I wonder if he actually was wasted or high in order to shoot some of those closeups. The supporting cast is good but nowhere as impressive as Abhay. The movie wraps up quite quickly. There is a moment of clarity which changes all the events that have left Dev traumatized and its interesting to watch how this dark tale about a self destructive, drunkard and druggie of a lover ends quite positively. At this point, the movie is no longer an adaptation but a work that stands on its own. And on its own, unlike the previous Devdas works, Dev D conveys that you can change at any point in life and that its never too late!

Johnny T (fr) wrote: Surprisingly watchable despite the formulaic teen format. Throughout its first two acts, Bandslam is charming, sweet, and funny enough to merit inclusion in the upper echelon of teen comedies. Then comes a third act weighed down with arbitrary romantic conflicts, leaden melodrama, and a tiresome subplot. The performances in Bandslam are uniformly strong -- good enough to make you wish this bunch of charismatic, talented kids had been given better material. Bandslam belongs to Connell. He has the unruly 'fro and endearing shamblingness of a young Daniel Stern, and he ably brings to life that rarest of cinematic qualities: decency. Bandslam is hardly the definition of a great movie, but it is pleasant and bright and doesn't insult its audience's intelligence. And that's as rare and welcome as a well-crafted three-minute pop song. Todd Graff's film is written with a desperate cleverness that clamors for attention over the brainless against-the-odds music-competition plot.VERDICT: "In The Zone" - [Mixed Reaction] These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own. If you consider cinema, ask for people's opinion on the film... (Films that are rated 2.5 or 3 stars)

Timothy N (br) wrote: Delightfully charming in its simple story even with no dialogues, but that's nothing compared to the superb animation. The animation is incredibly detailed and delightfully quirky. Every character is greatly exaggerated and makes it interesting to watch.

Matt M (ag) wrote: A young stable hand with aspirations of becoming a knight discovers the real last dragon alive, contradicting the previous film. A needless sequel, underwhelming and with plenty of awful special effects.

Davi C (nl) wrote: it is a bad movie and doesnt have good scenes

Catharina Wartiainen M (ag) wrote: the best christmas movie:)

Ashleigh S (gb) wrote: This was really funny. The first scene where Judy and Van meet was hilarious. The last scene in the shop was the best. "And just think, pretty soon you'll be Mrs. Goosepickle!" Hilarious!!!

Yuri B (us) wrote: Jones was hilarious... & Will Smith was well... Big Willie Style with it.

Ilja S (mx) wrote: First Contact might be my favourite out of all the Star Wars movies. Of course it has the advantage of coming out in a time when people actually knew how to use CGI and practical effects side by side, but the overall story and the plot are both intriguing and make you wanna see more. The acting is phanatstic and will please both die hard fans and just genre fans.

Nigel T (ca) wrote: Coming into this movie i had high hopes. Both VHS and VHS 2 were great movies with halfway decent stories.VHS Viral however goes in the total opposite direction and is a mess of a movie that needs to be locked away and forgot.

aaron a (us) wrote: "Excuse me sir, don't go in there!" Synopsis: An unnerving tale about high school violence that unfolds on an ordinary school day, inside a typical American high school filled with the usual goings-on -- schoolwork, football, gossip and peer pressure. If your looking for a unique experience then you will not be disappointed, you'd be hard pressed to find another film similar to Elephant outside the director's catalogue of work. It's slow, almost plotless with little dialogue, and improvised; the best way to describe the film's style would be minimalistic. The camera tails a number of wildly different students as they proceed through their daily high school lives, there are a handful of interesting expressionistic images, but for the most part, it's as if you grabbed a camera and decided to follow your classmates around school, and then edited your footage in non-linear fashion. It's way more fascinating than it has the right to be, as it's totally mundane, but that's the point. I suppose many will be turned off by it's radically uncompromising filmmaking esthetics, and thats okay, it is perhaps a bit too loud in the way it tells it's story; but it's not meant as an entertainment endeavor, simply a study of the lives of young people, and asks exactly why this incident happened, without providing any answers. Though perhaps too different and unconventional for many, Elephant is a simple (and good) idea filmed in a bold cinematic style that remains on the mind long after the finale is over..... can you spot the ELEPHANT in the room?