Mammootty plays an older brother who gave up his education and made many sacrifices so his family could get by and so younger brother could study abroad. When his brothers comes back from London, he sees things are not the same and he has really changed.

Mammootty plays an older brother who gave up his education and made many sacrifices so his family could get by and so younger brother could study abroad. When his brothers comes back from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanky Man P (it) wrote: The Canal has a lot of appreciation to offer. There is nothing like it's kind.

Brand B (jp) wrote: great movie if you enjoy partying and some heavy metal!

Abdikarim S (kr) wrote: Amazing movie, so emotional that it blew me away.

Johnny T (kr) wrote: My opinion best transformer film

Tim B (au) wrote: Ya I watched this! It was pretty entertaining. You feel me?

Abbers (mx) wrote: amazing video. and to all who dont like it maybe u just dont have respect for someone and stuff like this

erika b (jp) wrote: Riding the bus with my sister is about all the problems that come with being mentally disabled, not being accepted by family and public. Beth rides the buses to help her cope with her disalibty. Her family does not want anything to o with her.After her father dies the other siblings were face with hard fact that will take care of Beth. Over time her sister Rachel tried to help Beth out but after a big fight it totally look like that the relationship was done for good. Will the sisters stay together or go their separate ways,ProsGood acting and plot.Eyed opener on what it is like to have a disability and the problems that come with it.I liked the big community that Beth has.I liked how the bus drivers thrown Beth a birthday party.It really hit home for me because it reminds me about my disalibty.This is a really moving filmConIt starts out slowThis is a true drama but it has a coupe of laughs.This film can be really sad at times.If u like dramas or true stories u should give this a try.

Talyn M (jp) wrote: Sometimes I find myself thinking about this film, especially the part about Elliott throwing rabbits at the window. This film is pretty funny.

Ben H (es) wrote: While its production values were better thanks to the bigger budget. But it was just as boring as The Omega Code

Justin B (ag) wrote: Laughably bad sound work and wretched acting but there are at least a few wavering moments of B-movie goodness.

Spencer L (kr) wrote: Rosselini makes such great films about marriage.

Eric H (gb) wrote: Al Pacino has always been one of my favorites and with this latest independent hit"Danny Collins" it was a real sentimental feel good winner! Pacino is Danny Collins a down on his luck past his prime fading singer who after finding an uncovered letter from John Lennon decides to change his life and his ways! Maybe the days of alcohol and hard living and hard partying might be over! This even inspires Danny(Al) to reconnect with his manager and his family look for true love and even embark on a second act. This film is a must see it's touching with a sentimental story of search, discovery, rediscovery and connecting with love and family thumbs up for Danny Collins!

Ryan M (nl) wrote: An early Will Smith film that shows the promise of the actor he will be. So many cameos of actors in their early days; Jack Black, Jamie Kennedy, Seth Green and Jake Busey just to name a few.

Ryan W (us) wrote: Comedy is subjective this movie just didn't really hit for me.

Tyler A (au) wrote: cool concept just a bit scattered at times

John F (gb) wrote: Interesting take on the Shakespearean tragedy. Acting is terrific (well what do you expect from Tony and Jess?). It reminds me of Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet, except that Baz completely bases the story in the present, while Julie retains all the historical characters, but puts in modern elements (cars, guns, tanks...). I think I prefer Baz's treatment of Shakespeare over Julie's. A recommendation for sure.