When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for.

A POV, found footage horror film from the perspective of America's top genre filmmakers. A group of misfits are hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house in the countryside and acquire a rare tape. Upon searching the house, the guys are confronted with a dead body, a hub of old televisions and an endless supply of cryptic footage, each video stranger than the last. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


V/H/S torrent reviews

Edward K (au) wrote: Well done movie with relatively accurate historical content.

Kaustubh P (it) wrote: A bit frustrating as none of the philosophers except probably Zizek, manage to present a coherent set of ideas. Obviously, ten minutes is too short a time to spend with a philosopher.

Ted M (ca) wrote: I love when an audience stays quiet and doesn't move through the entire credits. This movie ended that way. I've got two thoughts; 1. I love Jewish People, and this movie did have a focus on Jewish people. 2. This movie left me feeling very ignorant. There is so little that we (I) know. I have never thought or imagined Jewish people living in Brazil, I did not know that Brazil was affected by the cold war, or that people went into exile as a result. I left with homework, as there are questions that I need answered...

Bill M (br) wrote: Suprisingly good in the woods slasher flick

Nicholas I (ru) wrote: One of the best films of all time.

venus w (ru) wrote: oh i love it, great sex lol

Monique Y (fr) wrote: Not so sure I liked this movie. Mainly because I cant believe the easiness with which the spies got in and out of Germany and Melanie Griffith's voice simply sounding not smart enough. Silly thing but her voice was a total turn off for my appreciation of her character. Michael Douglas? exuding sexuality as always! Yummy!

Aaron V (es) wrote: OK. I liked Babar enough as a kid.

Justin K (de) wrote: This is a good underrated 80's movie and I find it stupid that there's people that hate it.

Dylan P (nl) wrote: it has a wierd charm to it give it a shot

Sgt C (ag) wrote: (68%)One of Disney's better remembered early classics plays very much a similar note to one of their more recent classics "The lion king", as the circle of life is the overriding theme here. Although this is much more of a simple plotted watch in which tells its basic, yet captivating tale of nature against the odds placed by man. Some have tamely attacked the negative depiction of man as being too simplistic, too black and white; but the fact remains this is very much taken from the view of a wild deer so how else exactly can man be shown as anything other than a cold killer with a smoking gun is hard to imagine. This isn't one of my top pick Disney outings as I favour their more light-heated features, but I will admit that the animation is fantastic and it has aged very well over the decades becoming more than a little bit timeless.

Zack E (ag) wrote: This film has two things to offer, and it offers them in spades, James Dean and teenage angst. It's a shame the world lost Dean at such a young age, because even all these years later it's abundantly clear that he had the chops to dominate the acting world for years to come. There's a lot of emotion in Rebel, but where it falls off course is in the story, which feels certainly of a time, and is therefore hard to buy through a modern lens. It runs in fits, engrossing for a scene and then dull for a few to follow. There's something here, particularly for film admirers. Unfortunately, there's not as much of that something as you may hope.

Aaron M (ag) wrote: Nothing new from Ben Stiller, and a very small role for Eddie Murphy however this is a decent watch with an interesting premise for a comedy. Its entertaining and quite funny too.