Inside a darkened house looms a column of TVs littered with VHS tapes, a pagan shrine to forgotten analog gods. The screens crackle and pop endlessly with monochrome vistas of static white noise permeating the brain and fogging concentration. But you must fight the urge to relax: this is no mere movie night. Those obsolete spools contain more than just magnetic tape. They are imprinted with the very soul of evil.

Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his house and find collection of VHS tapes. Viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realize there may be dark motives behind the student's disappearance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


V/H/S/2 torrent reviews

Dan K (gb) wrote: The best Eastwood movie I have seen.

Jim L (ca) wrote: At first I thought this film was going to be slow and boring, but it ended up being a really great film. The writing was a bit rough around the edges, but the story itself was great and the acting was even better. GEORGE BASHA was really amazing as the lead character - and also the director! I highly recommend this film for anyone that wants to see a good story made into a film.

Petros K (mx) wrote: Starkly beautiful8 4 2013

Daryl C (jp) wrote: 2nd best cheetah film in my opinion :P

Mariola F (ca) wrote: Great entertainment for everybody, dreams come true if you work for them hard

Chris G (br) wrote: Lynch's disturbed contribution to 'Lumiere and Company' was the pick of the bunch and haunts me still.

Miquel J (es) wrote: Really a great 90s movies, fun to watch, paces well enough. Actually by the time you finish, it seems more like you watched a TV episode that lasts 90 minutes, it has that kind of easy-going feel

Annelies S (es) wrote: Matador starring a young Antonio Banderas is another complex and perverse love story from Spain's most beloved director Pedro Almodvar. This time he did (luckily for me) NOT succeed in boring or irritating me to death. Very interesting plot but not as marvellous as Habla con ella, Alomodvar's only masterpiece so far, according to myself.

Nick S (fr) wrote: Quiet intensity carries the whole thing.

Rick M (nl) wrote: *** This comment may contain spoilers ***Not your traditional Frankenstein movie. Peter Cushing plays Dr. Frankenstein, a brilliant physician and physicist whose ruined hands cannot perform the delicate surgery his experiments require. Thorley Walters plays Dr. Hertz, Frankenstein's confident and set of hands. The doctors' assistant, Hans falls in love with the maimed and scarred Christina, played by the gorgeous Susan Denberg but when some local troublemakers start teasing Christina, Hans loses his temper and the night ends with him being accused of murder. Hans is found guilty and Christina witnesses the execution; overcome with grief, Christina kills herself. Frankenstein and Hertz take the opportunity to trap Hans' soul and put it in the revived and repaired Christina. Soon, the troublemakers start showing up dead and Frankenstein realizes that in returning life to Christina, he has created a monster.More appropriately a drama/thriller than horror movie, Frankenstein Created Woman does have it's moments of gore. The performances are excellent as Cushing plays a brilliant but aloof Frankenstein and Walters overplays a bit as the simpleton Hertz who would rather make merry than contemplate the nature of death and the soul. The lovely Susan Denberg falls just short of stealing the show in both her roles, as Cushing completely dominates his every scene.

Rose D (us) wrote: I love this movie! It`s funny,emotinal and got osome Action! what else could you want?

Todd S (kr) wrote: I am usually the first of the haters to criticize Christian Bale, as I never really thought much of him, but sometimes it just takes one performance to start to sway your mind in the other direction. Rarely do you see an actor cast in a role, that is absolutely perfect for them, but the lead role of Russell Baze fits Christian Bale like a glove. I have never seen Bale fit more easily into a role or take charge of a story the way he does here. Russell is an ex-con and the shame of his family. As Russell rots away in jail, his little brother, Rodney (Casey Affleck), has to take care of his ailing father, and try to keep Russell's wife from leaving him. When Russell finally gets out of jail, Rodney, an amateur fighter, finally gets the chance to leave the rust belt and earn some real money. Rodney appears on his way to doing just that, when he disappears in a notoriously brutal part of the mountains, leaving his brother alone to try and do the right thing. Along the lines of Winter's Bone, Joe, & Mud, Out of The Furnace is another dark, rural thrillers, that is all the rage in Hollywood these days, and while there are a lot of wannabes and copy-cats, when someone figures out the correct formula you end up with a gem like this. The writing here is Oscar worthy and the character development is everything I crave in a film. Out of The Furnace is under two hours long, but when it's done, I feel as though I know the characters in the same was as if I'd just watched 100 episodes of some TV show. I felt their emotions, I was empathetic to their situations, and I was on the edge of my seating waiting to see what would happen next. These are all marks of a great film, and while I don't really care for Christian Bale, he really has never been better.