Via Darjeeling

Via Darjeeling

A couple on their honeymoon is about to return to the city. On the last day, one of them disappears. The mystery returns to Calcutta one night...via Darjeeling. Faces are unmasked. New discoveries made.

A couple on their honeymoon is about to return to the city. On the last day, one of them disappears. The mystery returns to Calcutta one night...via Darjeeling. Faces are unmasked. New discoveries made. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gia H (ru) wrote: Great movie! With two great comedians it could've been a little funnier but I was down with the story!!

Tomica V (gb) wrote: Italiani, cosa dire, ma quanto ci voule che vi vergongnate? Questo documentario proprio realt che vive la gente in Italia.....Show con egoismo, denaro senza scrupolli e musolinismo!! Lela Mora..Va fanculoooooo..Che pecato che il Mariscalo TITO non aveva uciso il seme dei toui genitori!!!!

Brett B (mx) wrote: DYING BREED is a movie that feels like it should be a whole lot better than it really is; it's evocatively shot, has some fantastic scenery, and has a hard edge that should please a lot of the more gore-inclined horror fans. But... it's all in the service of a story that's merely another spin on the old "People go to a secluded place and are preyed upon by the inbred locals." Yes, the story dresses this up a bit with some interesting peeks into Australian/Tasmanian lore, but we've basically seen this all before many times.

John A (au) wrote: Visually, unlike I've ever seen before, this film has single-handedly raised my appreciation and anticipation of what digital cinema can do. Costa has a remarkably astute eye when it comes to light, to framing, and to the positioning of his actors. In this film, Costa uses these formal elements to create a wide spectrum of feeling, dominated by a sense that a neighborhood, a community, a family, and maybe meaning altogether has been lost. See this film.

Linn R (kr) wrote: Amazing! The snap shot style of shooting is superb. This film while go down as one of my favs.

Cristbal S (nl) wrote: Emotive and charming, it doesn't add anything new to the boxing genre, but the powerful Russell Crowe interpretation is something to praise.

Sam T (de) wrote: An incredible tale of adventure and survival told in a workman-like manner.

Greg V (au) wrote: To me, Children of Men is a character study, in the midst of all the chaos around him. Amazing scenes and great acting make for a very interesting and enjoyable film.

David H (mx) wrote: A Standart Romantic Comedy in New York City with the Hot Tia Carrere

Jaime D (kr) wrote: One of the most fascinating and complex central characters committed to celluloid. It takes two or three carefull watches to unravel Stephanes (Daniel Auteuil) motivation, pieced together from a subtle performance and script that shows but does not tell. I found his attempt at absolution at the end of the film slightly unsatisfying but imagine i could interpret that differently on repeat views.

Chris D (fr) wrote: Definitely the liveliest of the four films but still as trashy...a must watch for Leonardo DiCaprio's film debut.

Russ B (mx) wrote: 4/6/2013: Not near as good as the original, but was still funny.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Disappointingly weak, even by giallo standards.

Mark H (jp) wrote: By being clever about the animation and having a genuinely good heartwarming story, the animators and team behind Dumbo saved the Disney studio from financial difficulties after much money being spent on Snow White, Pinocchio and Fantasia. The songs are true Disney, with "Baby Mine" winning best song at the oscars.

Daryl T (it) wrote: Dark and not very funny

Sean H (ru) wrote: This role was MADE for Foxx. Great Biopic

Gavin P (gb) wrote: A pretty-well made feel-good film. Eddie (Egerton) is such an optimist - he was always going to the Olympics, it was just a matter of finding the right sport - and the right season! The initial 'growing-up' portion is done well, but not too much time is wasted before he's with Bronson (Jackman), coaching him in aerial skiing in Germany. Plenty of montages & a great 80s soundrack - doesn't overstay it's welcome and plenty of funny moments throughout.