Viagem de Volta

Viagem de Volta


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Dusty L (mx) wrote: This film focuses alot on the good of Bronies, which I appreciate. But its also not fair. The film doesn't really focus on the bad of Bronies either, which is there. Also, I wish we got to know some of the crew members of the show a little more as well as some of the actual Bronies. If you want to know more about the Brony culture, this is a great place to start. But if you are Brony, there isn't really a reason to watch it. Four stars. 78% on my Tomatometer.

Jonathan T (nl) wrote: SURE it's corny and low budget, and the acting is awful, but it's also fun and entertaining because of the atmosphere, the sets, and the general plot. And frankly I prefer good atmosphere to CGI any day.

Curtis J (de) wrote: really enjoyed this's was cheesy but fun and i mean the english voice over mad me laugh harder. a twist on those teenage get sex films.

Kevin B (nl) wrote: This was cool but kind of unbalanced. The take off footage and narration was exciting. The in flight antics were light hearted and funny. But when it came time for the moon footage the eerie brian eno soundtrack made the whole thing feel kinda creepy. Which i suppose makes sense. The lack of sound makes sense with the sparseness of the moon. But overall i like.

Jeffrey K (au) wrote: It had a few flaws, but a good movie nevertheless

Naoya K (de) wrote: Probably this is the movie that has the most royal mood to those Wuxia novels, besides Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. As title suggests, the sword fight scenes are so tense, although story development does not have any sense... But hey, that's Wuxia novel anyway.

Bradley L (br) wrote: the fight scenes are cool

David H (ca) wrote: Just don't do it - you'll hate yourself for watching it.