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Lukas G (ru) wrote: 6 Bullets was a lower budget "Taken" type of movie. Not a copycat but with a similar plot! For its budget, 6 Bullets was entertaining and action packed!

Lauren M (br) wrote: I really enjoy court room dramas, but this one was just not very good. The writing didn't draw me in, nor did I care for the characters. The pace of the movie felt slow. It was one of those movies that, shortly after you start it, you think you should turn it off and walk away, but still want to know what happens. When it's over you think, "Yeah, I should have just turned it off when I had the chance." If you are looking for the next great courtroom drama, this won't be it.

Genevieve P (ag) wrote: Dj une belle amlioration par rapport Qubec-Montral. On vite les drives nostalgiques, et finalement a se regarde avec plaisir.

Ed A (jp) wrote: the ending was not convincing to me but heck... its fun

Joseph B (au) wrote: i thinks she's adorable...

Arnold Q (kr) wrote: Best ever Jamaican movie

WS W (gb) wrote: Fair overall although I don't like the film turning from quite a decent homo love story into some kind of coming-of-age/ coming-out cliche from the middle. And the ending was so abruptly & confusingly wrapped up. Kevin Bishop is wonderful & properly fits for his character. Juliet Stevenson is good as always too. And Paul Rhys... wow... his face was so heavily made up.

Linda P (es) wrote: The daughter was a bit too overly dramatic, but then again, what teenager isn't?

William R (au) wrote: "You're Late........""...Traffic"

Kylie L (es) wrote: All very beautiful and wicked and fascinating, but...

Sajib K (de) wrote: This is the story of an obsessed skirt chaser who never meets a man after his work hours. The scientist started writing his autobiography vowing that he would not lie about his life. His life revealed innumerable accounts of womanizing. Sensual !!

Michael T (fr) wrote: Billy Jack fights the big bad nuclear plants this time around, and his audience breathes a sigh a relief that this is Laughlin's final sequel.

David C (gb) wrote: My all-time favorite Linda Blair movie!

Thomas B (gb) wrote: Michael Cera gets a more complex role to play but it's Kat Dennings who is the star of this sweet and often funny rom-com. Full review later.