Viaggio in Italia

Viaggio in Italia


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Viaggio in Italia 1996 full movies, Viaggio in Italia torrents movie

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Viaggio in Italia torrent reviews

Lola M (ru) wrote: this movie was sad. jesse eisenburg is a bad actor!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like him i want to sue this movie for disterbing the peace of that lovely woman "his mom" what an asshole he is!!!!!!!!

Conrad T (gb) wrote: Short stories supposed to deliver more horror as there was no time to drag along but failed. The 1st short stands out from the others yet it delivers more suspense than horror.

Tanya C (it) wrote: Saw it when I was in houston, I really liked this one

bill s (ag) wrote: Either you like these characters or you do not....I did and thought the movie quaint and sweet.

Adrian H (ca) wrote: I love this move is real as it get

emily a (jp) wrote: this is a cool movie awesome :):):):)

Timothy J (ru) wrote: Not as bad as the reviews are. It is watchable. It isn't knock down drag out funny. But the characters are interesting enough to keep it going.

Aaron C (ru) wrote: the first half-hour of this movie plays like an angsty schoolgirl drama, but the story slowly opens up as she heads to her aunt's mountain b&b, which has beautiful surroundings. The elderly lady plays her role quite well, but alas one feels somewhat robbed of the opportunity to get to know her a bit better..

Scott G (au) wrote: This documentary about five NYC 'cinemanics' was both intriguing and uncomfortable to watch, the subjects illicit empathy and mild repulsion. The bulk of the subject's lives revolves around going to theaters to watch movies. They go every day, often a few times a day. They go to first run theaters, art houses, revival houses, and museums. They spend most of their money on tickets (of the five subjects only one is fully employed, the rest living off unemployment or disability) and have precious little in the way social lives. What money they have left is used accruing copies of movies and books about movies. The subjects illicit empathy and mild repulsion. I saw an aspect of myself reflected in these people, but it was a funhouse reflection; grotesquely stretched and twisted.

intuciic (gb) wrote: creepy horror movie who gives cold ants on your back even in the end. end without good victory over evil.

Lee W (kr) wrote: Not bad, a little loose on the story side though and some pointless sex scenes.

Allan C (de) wrote: I only watched this because of my strange fascination with Jerry Lewis, but it was a pretty good door-slamming, sex farce. It's also interesting to see Jerry not playing his usual character.

Major Doug L (es) wrote: Great flick, and it's not even my Duke-favorite - I prefer his westerns to his war movies.