Viaje directo al infierno

Viaje directo al infierno


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   greed,   revenge,  

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Viaje directo al infierno torrent reviews

Bela V (it) wrote: Mildly entertaining. Probably not worth seeing a second time.

Carlos Z (de) wrote: Very interesting story about what occurred and how despite her acquittal, one can only suspect she did it.

Venita E (gb) wrote: i watch this movie many times :)

Lee M (us) wrote: Director/co-writer Clint Hutchison treads into overly familiar territory with this well made horror film.

Rick B (de) wrote: Sandly missing The Walking Dead??Try this one, an almost gory movie with so fierce infected crowds running after you almost all the damn time. Oh! don't forget mr. Robert Carlyle?'s performance: outstanding !

Rolf E (ag) wrote: Spennende og bra konsept. M likevel vre s rlig si at de ikke har lagt s mye vekt p enkelte datateknologiske effekter, desverre.

Grant H (au) wrote: Terrible movie. The plot is completely unoriginal and copy-paste, the atmosphere is kind of dull and not very creepy, the jump scares are ineffective, and the performances kind of suck.

Clifford P (es) wrote: This movie is so damn naughty and nasty...I LOVE IT. Tony Ward is eternally hot in this film, he makes me want to suck his ()*$UQ()($*(%

Mark B (es) wrote: jeff speakman brings his Kempo karate style and kicks much ass on a side note:whatever happened to jeff speakman

D M (es) wrote: A 80's horror-comedy that takes place in a high school. This time with an alien twist. Pretty ridiculous, sometimes funny, most times stupid (but sufficient nudity to keep me watching).

Kim L (au) wrote: too it!

John A (ca) wrote: An Excruciating Painful Film To Watch. This Cult Classic Is So Bad, It's Good In Some Places. A Painful Fantasy With A Horrible Ending.

Gregg A (gb) wrote: Pure trash! But mesmerizing trash! I had heard how this video was banned all my life and I can sort of see why. THIS FILM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! But if you're curious it must be seen to be believed! Plus the lead girl was smokin' hot!

Brian R (kr) wrote: A quite brilliant film essay about the fine line between art and forgery which looks at Elmyr de Hory (art forger par excellence), his biographer Clifford Irving (also exposed as a forger whilst the film was being constructed), multimillionaire mentalist Howard Hughes and Orson Welles himself, who perpetrated several hoaxes of his own throughout his illustrious career. Even if the subject matter wasn't so endlessly fascinating, this film would still be worth watching - it's a masterclass in editing and the Chartres sequence is one of the most eerily beautiful things you will ever see.

Michael A (de) wrote: An overlooked film, with an incredible Meryl Streep performance of her career, this is total injustice.