A prominent lawyer goes after a blackmailer who threatens gay men with exposure in a time when homosexual acts were still being illegal. But he's queer himself.

Basil Dearden is a married barrister lives in London. One day, he becomes targets of a blackmailer who threatens to expose the truth about him. What challenges must he face when he attempts to defend his special client ? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Victim torrent reviews

Allison D (es) wrote: Probably the most depressing "comedy" I've ever seen. The two leads have zero chemistry together.

Al H (au) wrote: Has some good moments.

Russell H (nl) wrote: Pretty stupid but what did I expect?

Nelson P (jp) wrote: This is the most normal movie I've ever seen that Lars Von Trier has been a part of. Jamie Bell delivers a performance like no other, starts out as devious loner and quickly becomes the leader of a radical militant group full of social outcasts who are obsessed with guns and the power that come with them. It was a fantastic criticism of Social Darwinism and how the weak links in a community based on labor are thrown out and ostracized.The ending is quite shocking and is a extremely creepy modern western shootout between the law"" and "the outlaws".

Tim C (it) wrote: Fresh take on the origin of Dracula. Very interesting...

Kevin H (au) wrote: One of the best ever, still to this day it can stir up emotions in me

Dan H (jp) wrote: The film doesn't quite stick the landing, but it's still worth a view for the usual outstanding performance from Christopher Walken

John B (ca) wrote: Real Good Feel Good Movie. Hits alot of good points in different ways.

Jamie C (kr) wrote: Good film nice little twist in the end but like Dwayne Johnson, Gerard Butler should be doing action films even though I think he's a top actor.

Andrew K (de) wrote: It doesn't really deliver on the dinosaur/massacre aspects of the title, but this makes for a fun jungle survival adventure that sits a cut above the other Italian trash B-movie crap from the 80s. Surprisingly violent in parts, and Michael Sopkiw makes an actually quite likeable bastard. The crashing toy plane is also a joy to behold. (Don't be fooled by the Cannibal Ferox 2 title on the UK DVD - this has nothing to do with Cannibal Ferox, and the UK version is cut (also known as 'Stranded in Dinosaur Valley' due to an even more obvious lack of massacring than the full cut).)

Heather G (au) wrote: love those olds Movies!

Akramul i (ag) wrote: I wish I couldn't disrespect the legend's final work, but I have to. The movie was missing the touch of neorealism all his previous movies had, not to mention it was littered with witty dialogue and mediocre acting. And the last hour was just a load of awkward silence of music that was already getting annoying and over used. The last word of the movie... his movies never had any end lessons for the characters or audience.I'm sorry Stanley Kubrick, but you left us without a bang.

Ann C (ru) wrote: Story about two climbers who will decide to climb on a mountain in Peru and their adventure will make their friendship even stronger. Touching the void is one of the best survival stories of all the time.