Victim Five

Victim Five

When a millionaires valet is murdered he hires a detective to discover by who and why his valet was killed, leading to connections of the nazi sort!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A very special agent with a code that means: He Can Go All The Way . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott W (au) wrote: Very funny movie about a boy's relationship with his grumpy neighbor. Bill Murray is doing his Bill Murray thing pretty well here. His scenes with the kid are great. Melissa McCarthy is toned down, and I think that serves her well. The first half is stronger than the second half. I thought at times they tried to make Bill Murray's character a little too eccentric. And the subplot with Terrence Howard is just forgotten about. But I laughed consistently and was interested in the story throughout so I recommend seeing it.

Dedmeet C (kr) wrote: A nice low budget zombie-comedy. OK - "nice" may not be exactly what us zombie flick connoisseurs are looking for when it comes to zombie flicks, but this movie is really a comedy based on a plot involving zombies. And as a such, it is simply "likable" and "nice"... The acting is pretty good - especially for a "zombie movie" - and the movie has unusually good and funny dialog. In spite of the plot with zombies the gore and horror levels of this movie are minimal. I deliberately chose to call it a zombie-comedy instead of a horror-comedy. All in all its a funny, entertaining low budget comedy.

Damian J (fr) wrote: An allright teen movie with great action.

Anil D (jp) wrote: Une comdie tarabiscotte mais on y rigole plus que dans Dhamaal !

Jeremy H (jp) wrote: Was alright, more about the people researching bigfoot and how messed up their upbringing and lives are.

quynh d (br) wrote: loving animals induces me to high- rating almost animal flicks.i wish i could talk to them, thats kool! i think they want to connect to us anytime.

Chris P (es) wrote: As good as English film making gets. Gritty, funny but with a bitter dark undercurrent.

Nob O (gb) wrote: In contrast to the "critic" reviews, I consider this Leslie Nielsen's best movie, with the runners-up being the three Naked Gun movies and Airplane, and all the others being so bad they're not worth mentioning. The opening sequence in Wrongfully Accused is one of the best executed I've seen, with a combination of good orchestral music and visual gags to go along with it. Like every slapstick movie, including those other four, there are certainly a fair number of jokes that won't make you laugh, but this and the other four of Leslie Nielsen's best are a world above what has passed for slapstick parody since, such as the mind-numbingly awful flicks from the Wayan brothers (e.g., Scary Movie series) and equally awful fare like Not Another Teen Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, etc. Considering how bad their scripts are, the only explanation I have for some (if not all) of those movies being more successful financially is that they appear to have had bigger and better marketing campaigns behind them.

adam b (gb) wrote: It's a decent plot, but it's executed so poorly. It's a thriller that is not thrilling in anyway. It's obvious what is happening very early on and the 2 hours just drag on.

Ben D (ag) wrote: A poor sequel to an only average original.

Eliel L (ru) wrote: Comercialmente cursi, sin embargo ofrece un par de momentos genuinamente divertidos. Prcticamente un recuerdo nostlgico que siempre es agradable volver a darle un vistazo.

Steven G (kr) wrote: His humor has little wit to it, but Kevin Hart's mere personality is so funny that he doesn't need exemplary material to be hilarious. He's self-deprecating, charming, energetic (almost to a Looney Tunes degree), and never afraid of making himself look foolish on stage.

Aaron S (nl) wrote: Startlingly original low-budget horror, shot by someone who knows way more about being behind the camera than you'd expect. And David Carradine plays a woman!