Victor Seastrom

Victor Seastrom

Documentary of the Swedish actor/director Victor Sjöström and his work - from Terje Vigen (1917) to Smultronstället (1957) Director Ingmar Bergman is interviewed about his memories of and experiences of Sjöström.

Documentary of the Swedish actor/director Victor Sjöström and his work - from A Man There Was (1917) to Wild Strawberries (1957) Director Ingmar Bergman is interviewed about his memories of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jc M (es) wrote: simply stunning i may be so jacked after watching this i will never sleep again.

Chris G (es) wrote: It embraces it's weirdness and strives to be a B movie to end all B movies. If the story flowed better, it would be more appealing.

Brian Daniel L (de) wrote: Oh this french do good movies, the girl has talent

Amanda O (ag) wrote: another interesting Barbie movie. I don't know how i feel about it.

Daphne E (it) wrote: Never quite got this one.

Lauren S (ag) wrote: This movie belongs on Elvira's Movie Macabre for the sheer bad B movie factor & lame attempts at wise cracking and humor. I'd give it a full dozen rotten tomatoes! Don't spent cash to watch this & remember that you will not be able to get back the time you spend watching it... only time will help make the memory fade... it's that bad.

Ryan E (mx) wrote: May 28, 2016Nikki's houseNikki Oberholtzer

Cameron F (ru) wrote: Denzel Washington as an inmate who talks his estranged basketball star son into attending the prison wardens alma matter. A bit far fetched and again Lee's pacing of the film becomes its downfall.

Bob T (fr) wrote: Good acting , ending was a bit of an anti-climax but the story lost credibility in that the family was supposed to be going hungry and missing meals and yet Beau Bridges who played the father is grossly overweight. Very poor casting!

Jon W (au) wrote: Can't imagine my life without this film.

Rob A (kr) wrote: Fun, funny, and entertaining! A great cast!

Tristan P (mx) wrote: Sweeping ballet beautifully choreographed and shot. The Pigling Bland section goes on a little long, but that's a minor nitpick for a great, underrated film.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Movies like "Ocean's 11" or "Mission Impossible" would not exist without their forebearers, "Topkapi" in particular with it's classic museum jewel heist scene at the end of the film, memorably done in almost complete silence. The rest of the film is fun too, particularly Peter Ustinov, but it's the final heist scene, brilliantly directed by blacklisted filmmaker Jules Dassin, that sets this one apart.

Vincent G (ag) wrote: The second feature of the so called 'bergman's trilogy', Winter light was released in 1962 and directed by one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Winter light (NATTVARDSGASTERNA) is one of many bergman/nykvist collaborations (Bergman's all time favorite cinematographer sven nykvist), as well, Winter light has been an influence in narrative, the best example is Ingrid thulin's (marta lundberg) solo scene reading a letter, that scene has been an all time imitated sequence. Winter light was bergman's favorite film for many reasons: his father was a pastor and bergman's religious touch is all over the film, and he identified himself with Gunnar bjornstrand's character (pastor Tomas ericsson).

Trent M (au) wrote: A fun little not-so-scary movie. Bela still gives it his all though.

Mira Mohd S (gb) wrote: No matter how bad some of them are, alien invasion movies are going to keep coming; producers are ready to invest in them & people are going to pay to watch them. Here writer-director Jabar Raisani, a visual effects supervisor on quite a few mainstream projects (most recently "Game of Thrones"), gives us his first feature film here, a combination of "Starship Troopers" and found footage. The story takes place in 2021, years after an alien invasion, almost all alien resources been extinguished except for some stragglers who are being taken care of by military outposts around the world. 10 years later those outposts have been defunded and the men fighting the war have been forgotten. This story focuses on two documentary cameramen who have been assigned to document the efforts of Outpost 37, situated between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Frankly, the only explanation I can see for the poor ratings is that people were expecting a sci-fi flick and are judging the movie's compliance with that expectation. I've seen this phenomenon before, and it's sad, because good movies end up without the recognition they deserve. The production values, the sets, the props and effects, and even the acting are all pretty well up there in quality and are actually above-par for an indie flick. In fact, the only clue I can see for this even being an independent film is the lack of celebrity actors. Plop a couple famous faces in here and I think anyone would be hard-pressed to tell the difference from a Hollywood production. It's a shame that Raisani doesn't have as much confidence in his alien creations. We're either given brief glimpses or shots from far away. They also don't really do much besides attack during gun battles (machine, electric, laser, lot of different types of guns here). Surprisingly, the special effects were quite awesome, way better than what I have witnessed in B-grade sci fi films. On the whole, if you have enjoyed films like District 9 , Battle Los Angeles and Cowboys and Aliens, Alien Outpost is a film you add to your watch-list!

Dominica W (mx) wrote: This is actually one of my favourite movies, kind of a guilty pleasure kind of favourite though. I love the actors and how each room has their own story but yet somehow tie together. It's an rather funny movie if you have a slightly twisted sense of humour.

Michael A (jp) wrote: Though, it has its moments overall, it's not that good as it should've been

Melanie C (it) wrote: Really cool film! No brainer, fun and easy to watch. Heaps of Stars too and they all have great characters to play! Super-fun Gangster flick. I would totally recommend.