Vida conyugal sana

Vida conyugal sana

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Walter M (es) wrote: "Sweetgrass" is a stunningly photographed documentary about the process of sheep farming in Montana. The movie keeps the human subjects at a distance, giving us little chance to really get to know any of them. Instead, the natural scenery and the sheep are the true stars here and the one who looks directly into the camera knows that. In fact, he would like to file a complaint with his union representative about the working conditions. Yeah about that. Not much has changed in this profession since the 19th century. The cowboys still ride horses, camp out under the stars and rely on dogs for a lot of help in keeping the sheep in line. Cell phones are about the only indication that this is now the 21st century. And I should warn those of you expecting lots and lots of footage of cute sheep roaming around the mountains that there is a gruesome shot of an eviscerated sheep which speaks to the difficulty and frustration for the cowboys which is expressed in the most colorful language heard since "Deadwood" went off the air.

Heather I (au) wrote: The concept of the movie was interesting and it raised a lot of thought provoking questions but the acting wasn't that great.

Brett W (de) wrote: Highly realisitic and point blank drama.

Andrew D (es) wrote: so bad, its good... almost

Petar (es) wrote: Very good portrayal of problems that humans could face and what would they do about it. Movie shows us that mankind is more important than individuals and we are able to see what crew had on their backs. When you thought it was going to be another boring Sci-fi movie director uses surprise effect and keeps you to the end of the movie waiting and expecting what is going to happen. Cillian performance is something you will remember as he successfully gives us experience of what is happening and at the end how beautiful Sun is. 90/100

Tyler C (au) wrote: Werner Herzog is a genius and an incredible filmmaker. The trials and tribulations to complete this picture is unprecedented. Klaus Kinski's performance is indelible and maddening the best way possible. 5 stars!

Jack K (nl) wrote: It's a crime that Arthur Penn's Night Moves isn't as celebrated as Polanski's Chinatown and Coppola's The Conversation - it deserves mention alongside those two films as one of the best thrillers of the 1970s. Gene Hackman is outstanding (as always).

Sean D (br) wrote: I'm not sure why it gets rated so badly, it has a good story. A horrible event takes place that results in the passengers and crew becoming trapped as ghosts on an adrift cruise liner for decades until rediscovered by a salvage crew. The damned aboard won't let the salvagers just make off with their spoils and so, well you know, mayhem. Its not pure terror, nor is it packed with cheesy startle gags like a sudden burst of flitting doves. It has a simple story that is predictable but still an entertaining. At 90 minutes of movie its a good watch.

Matthew L (jp) wrote: One of the all time great prison escape films, light on character development but more than compensated for with an unrelenting air of tension and a slow steady build to an unshowy escape.