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Vidas pequeñas torrent reviews

Dave C (ca) wrote: Simplistic and saccharine especially about the great problem of Israel being an invented country.It glosses over almost every opportunity for serious issues leaving an almost politics free zone where the only mention of the differences between the Palestinians and the jewish population is reduced to the price of a shirt.Individual scenes are good, but it seems Israel still can't discuss its own cancer.

Kashfia F (br) wrote: Movie on the life of one of my favorite icons - awesome!

Adam E (ag) wrote: After the fun anime-style silliness of Glory to the Filmmaker, Takeshi Kitano returns with a deeper creation, to say the least. Achilles and the Tortoise explores the struggles of the artist and the unpredictable nature of art as Kitano mixes touching drama with black comedy beautifully making this his finest film in a while. A compelling, stylish, masterfully told story.

Pavan R (ru) wrote: Some light hearted clichd entertainment. Not groundbreaking but ok for a quiet evening in

Leslie C (us) wrote: Not worth the hour but David sure is cute but the hair dye color was ugly.

Giovan G (ag) wrote: Must watch in HD good story and an eye orgasm throughout the entire film

Barbara W (ru) wrote: stupid movie.. but whoopi made it xmassy and enjoyable

Andrew T (us) wrote: Two movies used to give me nightmares as a kid. Pet Sematary II and Child's Play. Not that this was a great movie but I think people need to cut it some slack. It was a very well done sequel to a great original. Edward Furlong is half the reason this movie is so good. I really don't even know how to explain it but he just plays the "nice kid but don't f*** with me" role very well. He doesnt just look at someone, he does the head tilt down shift eyes up look. Same thing he does in Terminator II and it works for him. Gus is just a "meh" character, but zombie Gus is awesome. Him and the ensuing carnage once he returns is the reason this movie stands out so strongly in my mind as a great creepy classic horror movie.

Dustin H (br) wrote: A timeless story by Joyce that the film does justice if in a somewhat dour form at times. The final ten minutes are the best in the film.

Steve M (jp) wrote: Come watch David Carradine attempt to put you to sleep! Bonus: ambiguously gay mechanic and some dog killing! (Non-sarcastic bonus: Barbara Hershey's mid-seventies hotness.)

Private U (de) wrote: all the zatoichi films are great this one is no exception :)

Nate T (es) wrote: Fun hour and change with Cagney and company...

Brett B (es) wrote: Totally ridiculous supernatural nonsense, but even I have to admit that it's a lot of fun if taken in the right spirit. Cushing and Lee are always worth a look, and there's some colorful supporting work from the likes of Coulouris, Gough, and Magee. Not the greatest production to come from Amicus, but it's nowhere near their worst, either.

Emod L (it) wrote: 86%Dead Man's Chest is not as simple as the first film, but it's a visual trip with enough memorable characters that will certainly seem better with time.V: 69%

Andrew K (it) wrote: Good story but not gripping and the characters lacked depth. Emily Watson and Sophie Nelisse were brilliant.

Courtney K (mx) wrote: ooooo! another anthology! i didn't think this was terrible. more often than not did the short stories surprise me -- the main story was predictable but started out strong, too... it's weird. if you like weird, then you may like this.

Daniel C (ru) wrote: It is the family dynamics of this film that pull it above a mediocre Western. Stewart does an excellent job as usual.

Damon R (jp) wrote: It's been years since I've seen Kindergarten Cop, and it's still one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best films ever.