In a country where bella figura is a national pastime, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is the maestro of media manipulation. Having risen to political primacy with the aid of his Mediaset empire, he now controls 90% of the bel paeseā€™s television channels including the state-run RAI network. Quantity, it seems, does not equal quality. Fed on a diet of semi-naked dancing girls, inane competitions and rickety reality shows built around the most ridiculous of premises, is it any wonder that Italians are becoming a nation of fame-hungry wannabes?

A look at segments of the Italian population who are consumed with celebrity worship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pete L (br) wrote: Probably going to suck,but then again gory alien movies are my thing.

Keshav K (nl) wrote: indianized Memento. Mindless violence.

Jessica S (mx) wrote: duh, never seen it yet.

Michelle A (fr) wrote: no info = not interested

Lincoln R (gb) wrote: A rather pulse-pounding film. the mystery of who the killer is and the somewhat ambiguous ending also make thee movie enjoyable.

Nico B (ru) wrote: Baby Geniuses is one of those rare films that even as a kid I thought was bad, with its idiotic premise, heavy lack of humor, and incredibly bad special effects, these are only a handful of the things wrong with this movie, no one should have to sit through this awful experience, the worst thing about it is the film was directed by the same director of A Christmas Story, who could have been a Genius but he directed this!

M C (kr) wrote: Lost in space sometimes feels too dark for kids but not intense enough for adults, though in all it still packs in too many interesting ideas and cool special F/X to be tossed aside. 45/100

Dan K (fr) wrote: nice combination of wry humour, sensual over-the-top relationships, and typical 60's themes.

Quiche E (fr) wrote: Confondant d'audace !

victor l (es) wrote: Pointless remake with an unbearable Alfie, a lot of talented, beautiful but wasted actresses and an unsympathetic screenplay, almost incapable of making laugh or touch.

Nik M (ag) wrote: Back from Eternity starts off very choppily with scattered characters and hardly any real development on them beyond minor interests. However, the film quickly dives into an intense turning point followed by some dramatic scenes that are done quite well in terms of dialogue.

Christopher S (mx) wrote: Solid B-movie psycho-thriller from director Joseph H. Lewis. Taut and sharply-crafted, Lewis once again manages some effective atmosphere on a low budget. Nina Foch is a bit over the top in the lead, but Dame May Whitty and George Macready are effective villains. Hard to find, but worth seeking out for fans of classic thrillers.

Ileana A (kr) wrote: A very tasteful so common movie.

Cody L (nl) wrote: Had a great idea and could have been a decent slow burn horror film if there was actually a good pay off in the end. But ultimately ends up being boring.

Kerby H (kr) wrote: God this is just so funny.

William B (au) wrote: I want to say it's good, but I also can't say it's bad, it's somewhere in the middle, and I know that three stars doesn't mean the middle but I give it that because of the acting, the plot, the character development, it's not the best acting or plot or character development but from a book that only develops two of it's characters it did a fine job.

Martin C (de) wrote: No way this is %13.... One of my favorite movies.. Funny

Bill T (ru) wrote: A pretty good doc on Janis Joplin. Never was a big fan, this certainly didn't convert me. The doc does do a good job in telling her story though, with some great performance footage.