Shamsher Singh (Dilip Kumar) is a very wealthy, poweful, and influential man. His son Pratap Singh (Suresh Oberoi) was tragically killed at a young age, leaving behind a son, Kunal Sing

Shamsher Singh (Dilip Kumar) is a very wealthy, poweful, and influential man. His son Pratap Singh (Suresh Oberoi) was tragically killed at a young age, leaving behind a son, Kunal Singh (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carol R (jp) wrote: Love can make even the sane of us mad!!

Mereie d (gb) wrote: Nice film about equal rights and female comradery.

Jennie F (us) wrote: En typisk svensk film som kan sammanfattas med ett ord....Lagom! No more no less,tyvrr!!Hade kanske fr hga frvntnigar p filmen fr att den skulle vara toppen. Men en sak r sker,man blir vldigt sugen p att kra rally efter man sett den =)

Tyson P (fr) wrote: not terrible. Watch only for the vague insight on the serial killer gacy.

James S (jp) wrote: This film goes nowhere, if your looking for an interesting mystery your in the wrong place, nothing can save this film from a dull plot despite a promising start. Feels much more live a made for TV movie thanks to annoying saxaphones playing in the background and endless ammounts of time with nothing going on. A complete waste of time. Avoid it!

bill s (de) wrote: Time to turn off the lights and go home from this house party.

oxana (mx) wrote: This movie is epic in so many ways.A story of a boy abandoned by his mother, struggling in the world, and the story of a whale captured from the sea mix together perfectly.There is a genuine, pure feeling in the story, and the acting is natural and quite superb. The feelings are conveyed from the screen to the viewer without obstacles, and although I'm sure this film is filled with clichs and typical characters, it still manages to hold all the important pieces together.The plot itself moves at a steady pace, making us wait for a bit for the eventual good stuff - the fast friendship between Jesse and Willy the whale - but it doesn't drag its feet too much.All in all a prefect, touching family film to be watched again and again.

Tushar K (br) wrote: The film and the role that got Amitabh Bachchan his National Award............'Vijay Dinanath Chauhan........poora naam'

Kathy B (gb) wrote: They are the one and only real group of the 80's/ David Byrne, Tina Weymouth et al are so far ahead of their time I'm just catching up today as a 62 yr old Grandma. The heads were cerebral and ever so 80's group par none.

Justin T (us) wrote: Everything a sequel should be, sort of, minus all of that drug torture stuff.

Anthony L (ag) wrote: "What is the problem with Michael Jackson?"'Three Kings' isn't David O. Russell's best film (albeit it's close) but it certainly is his most underrated film in my opinion and that irks me for a few reasons. For one, the film features one of the funniest and perfectly satirical scripts of all time. Probably the only film I've seen about the Gulf War where shit actually goes down quite a few times, which is hilarious in its own right, considering that not a whole lot of action happened. For two, the acting is fucking brilliant and Spike Jonze plays one of the wildest and most zany characters in any film. Goddamn, Clooney is the fucking man. And holy shit, Jamie Kennedy is one dumb motherfucker in this movie but it's a hilarious process to see unfold as the film goes on. For three, Newton Thomas Sigel is one of my favorite cinematographers working today. Every single shot in this movie is something of pure wonder. I particularly love Newton's hyper speed shots and electric camera motion, it perfectly captures the energy of this film. The editing also compliments the flick. For four, Carter Burwell has crafted one of the best 90's movie soundtracks for sure. It's such an alluring and marvelously diverse music selection which adds to the mood and spirit of TK. Also, S/O to Carter for including 'If You Leave Me Now' by Chicago in it. Absolutely brilliant.The only real problem I have with the movie is that I feel around the halfway point, the film drags a bit when the action dies down. The pacing isn't perfect and thankfully, it's saved when the last quarter of the film picks it all back up again.Overall, I highly recommend Three Kings to anyone who loves a biting satire and some good action to go along with it.

shawn p (mx) wrote: Natural Born Killers sponsered by Millets....!