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A small-town woman tries to achieve her goal of becoming a flight attendant.

A small-town woman tries to achieve her goal of becoming a flight attendant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara C (kr) wrote: Very boring lost interest

Mark R (es) wrote: Didn't expect much but was mildly surprised.

Gabriel M (gb) wrote: Extremely powerful , full of drama , excellent photography. Tears inevitably come out .

Brad L (mx) wrote: Still one of my all time favorites after all these years. Bloody, pulpy and hopelessly romantic. All you would expect from a Tarantino Script before he even directed! Plus, Gary Oldman has one of the best short roles I have even seen as the pump along with Christopher Walken as Blue Lou Boyle! (with Brad Pitt in a hilarious small role as well).

Timm S (de) wrote: Probably One Of Segal's Best, The Cook That Everyone Under-Estimated. Erica Ain't Lookin Bad Either.. ;-)

Ryan S (jp) wrote: Caught this one on Action netowrk tonight... Had this been done today, the "pay-off" scene would have been much better with a higher body count. Being from Arizona, I particularly enjoyed because the movie is filmed in Tucson and Ajo. Although, the movie gave "thanks" to the Navajo Nation at the end of the movie and I don't understand this because Navajo's are primarily from northern Arizona in the four corners area. Tucson is primarily Pima, Chirachua and Apache. Anyway... Enter Honest Trucker, looking for work. Happens to find work at a corrupt shipping company run by wannabe mob types (Tucson did used ot have a heavy mob scene--now it's white trash and mexican nationals)--Honest Trucker stands up to the "man." Honest Trucker gets jihad declared on him. Trucker declares jihad back. Oh, before I forget--Richard Tyson from Kindergarten Cop is in this movie and he is very young. Looks a lot like the bad guy in Karate Kid 1. Why do I always get them confused? This post is about as incoherent as this movie. That being said, I was very disappointed in the "pay-back" scene. Honest Trucker looses two of his best friends, his unborn son's life, his truck, his house, and all he can do is drive a truck through a gate of the "bad man" and destroy his sign. Anyway, Slim Pickens is in this movie as well and I wouldn't recommend watching this movie unless you're sitting around doing nothing and there's nothing else on. The End.

Jakki J (fr) wrote: This outing with Doris Day and Rock Hudson differs from their other films in that they are already married. This time Rock is a hypochondriac and manages to still get himself into a world of trouble. Of course he even risks losing his marriage in the process, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun if they didn't have to kiss and make up!

Kyle A (nl) wrote: Normally I like a good old school film, but I just couldn't get behind the whole "woman falls in love with an asshole who can't remember her name/leaves her without giving a crap until she dies" plot line. The ending was filled with ambiguity which was cool, but other than that I didn't really care for it.