Viimne reliikvia

Viimne reliikvia

A medieval love story with lots of adventures. The times are troubled - there's a revolt of peasants going on. To secure its safety a monastery chases for a relics of a holy Brigitte. A ...

A medieval love story with lots of adventures. The times are troubled - there's a revolt of peasants going on. To secure its safety a monastery chases for a relics of a holy Brigitte. A ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George I (ca) wrote: How can you not love this guy? Sure you can be mad, but there's something endearing about a man who can smile at the world while he's sending it to hell.

Film C (gb) wrote: Seems like one of the most anticipated and best movie of 2012 is one of the movies that i didnt enjoy! For me although there was alot going on, action and fantastic acting there just didnt seem to moving and i felt bored throughout the movie. Majorly disappointed may watch again with lower expectations!

Carol P (ag) wrote: wow.... THIS blew me a great read I could not stop watching....chilling....bravo!

Jed D (fr) wrote: "Flawed, by it's slow moving plot and lack of ability to add personality to the cast." It would be unfair to say that "Pretty Bird" was a bad film but rather fair to say it was short on entertainment.

Charles P (jp) wrote: Though it may be good for some unintentional laughter, Sands of Oblivion is inept on every level.

Scott J (fr) wrote: Probably the most information I'll ever receive about what happened at the Abu Ghraib prison.

Edward C (es) wrote: Dracula 2000 (2000)Starring:Johnny Lee Miller,Gerard Butler,Christopher Plummer, Justine Waddell,Vitamin C,Jennifer Esposito,Omar Epps,Shane West,Danny Masterson,Sean Patrick Thomas,Jeri Ryan, and Nathan FillionDirected by Patrick LussierReviewTHE MOST SEDUCTIVE EVIL OF ALL TIME HAS NOW BEEN UNLEASHED IN OURS.Hello Kiddies your pal the crypt-critic here has a movie he doesn't hate himself for liking and it really something you should sink your teeth into,it is one hell of a fun time. When Gerard Butler is making shit like Ps.I love you and The Bounty Hunter he tends to be a very good actor in Dracula 2000 he plays Dracula and he owns the role. Well okay he's no Gary Oldman but he gets the job done dang it. This movie put a new spin on Dracula putting him in our day and age as well as giving him a new origin.The story goes like this years ago Abraham Van Helsing captured Dracula but was unable to kill him. He kept him hidden in a coffin and filtered his blood through leaches in order to stay alive for many years. Fast forward to present day and Van Helsing is an antique dealer training his new prodigy Simon. But much to their dismay a group of thieves go into the vault and steal their coffin. The coffin opens on an airplane and good old Dracula comes back and starts biting some necks and takes in the sight of a New Orleans citizen. He is out searching for Abraham's daughter Mary who he seems to have a strong connection with. Abraham and Simon must head to New Orleans and save Mary before Dracula finds her first.I loved this new spin on the legend and I loved how they just updated Dracula so well for a new generation. I won't reveal what it is but the new origin for Dracula is epic it literally explains the crosses, the holy water, the stakes and the silver all in one shot. Yes, the ending just blew my mind.There's a lot of other things to enjoy as well, this movie is packing with some good old vampire blood and some great fights between Simon, Mary and some Dracula's other vampires. As I said earlier Gerard Butler is an awesome Dracula hell he wins just wit his looks.Christopher Plummer was a spot on Van Helsining I just wish he had done more, Justine Waddell doesn't do a lot of films and its a shame cause I did like her as Mary, Johnny Lee Miller does a decnt job as Abraham's prodigy Simon and has my favorite line in the whole movie. Hell Nathan Fillion is in this movie too but don't blink though you might miss him.Director Patrick Lussier has gone on to direct some other films like Drive Angry which I liked as well I don't think he has much to worry about for his career.I have nothing more to say except I love this film and everything it had to offer for my favorite vampire I'm giving Dracula 2000 a four and a half out of five.

Alex r (au) wrote: Necessary Roughness is a mildly entertaining comedy. This is not the type of film that is hysterically funny, but more mildly funny. There are a few chuckles here and there, but never anything hilarious. There's a decent cast here and they make the film work well. Though not a great comedy, Necessary Roughness is far from the worst. For the most part, I enjoyed the film, though it was a fairly decent film, and a decent attempt at a football comedy. I thought that the film was lots of fun despite the fact that it didn't have any memorable funny moments. This is purely a mindless film to watch. The film has nothing really hilarious, but it definitely is fun to watch. The film does have amusing bits here and there, and though it has been regarded as one of the worst sports comedies in the history of sports, I don't believe that to be true. I considering the film Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice to be the worst film, and not Necessary Roughness. This film does have plenty effective, fun moments to make it an enjoyable film. However they could have done a better job as well. The script could have gone through a rewrite to boost up the decent comedic elements. This a mindless decent comedy with a few decent laughs throughout. Although not the best sports comedy, this is far from the worst. Although I enjoyed this film, I think that best Football comedy has yet to be made. For what it is, Necessary Roughness is mindless fun despite its flaws.

Jacob G (ru) wrote: Well, I only saw pieces of this on TV, but considering there is no DVD made (and no in-print version period) I'll break my usual rule of not rating a movie until I've seen the whole thing.Despite the awkward title, Background to Danger (henceforth referred to as "BtD") is a generally fun espionage thriller. The pacing is very 1940s, but looks fairly good. A rich B&W palate dishes up the constantly revolving settings.As with many movies from the era, the action is in the wordplay and not the plot itself. However, there is one frantic car chase scene to really punch home the action element of the movie.Worth seeing despite its flaws.