Vijay is a story about various characters that are bound by relationships of love and friendship. How they become foes and take up weapons against each other. When Arjun and Vicky meet, they are oblivious to the fact that they are cousin brothers.

Widowed Lala Yodhraj Bhalla lives in a palatial house with his daughter, Suman, and son, Shashiraj. Both of his children are of marriageable age. He gets a shock when he finds out that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy J (br) wrote: What happens when four obnoxious daughters (and a Native American house keeper slash feminist overseer) all come together to bury their father who was driven to suicide by their borderline and sociopathic drug addicted mother who likes rocking to Eric Clapton, forced to face themselves in their own mirrors and fail in seeking any reconciliation, but prove they are all the stereotypical strong women surrounded by weak, doting beta males who should have all walked off the screen half way through the movie. It's a paragon epic of Steel Magnolias who should be institutionalized. The only redeeming character is Chris Cooper as Charles who excels in an epic moment announcing - with choice words and maintaining a gentleman's demeanor - that he's had enough of the drama permanently. It's the only life-line moment in the entire film. I've watched many star-filled casts of female-themed films from 1939's "The Women" to this vile swill of toxic waste and can say with with complete certainty it's the most repulsive film I've ever watched in my life. Yes, the acting is impressive and the cinimatgraphy excellent, and it is the most shamefully horrendous story of bleakness defining the post-modern feminist woman ever conceived. I'm puzzled as to the compulsion for such a novel - let alone it be made into a film loaded with a star-studded cast. Writers are known to glean their inspiration for novels from true life, and if it's true that a house full of women can come together after the suicide of their father and behave this way in real life, I don't want to know.

Abb J (de) wrote: From Within: The son of an accused witch in a small evangelical town shoots himself, sparking a suicidal chain reaction that apparently only one young teen questioning her faith seems capable of stopping. Yawn. While this creeper has a handful of scares, it's not until the credit roll that it gets interesting. And what's up with Rumor Willis and her trend of appearing in five minutes of each of these low budget indies? C-

Nico S (kr) wrote: There's only one word to describe this movie: fun. It's really fun, the dialogue is real fun to listen to and the action is really, really well done. The car chase scene at the end with Zoe on the hood and how it all wrapped up is amazing. Too bad there wasn't enough of Kurt Russel, I really wanted to see a little more of him. Also there just wasn't enough action, sometimes a little bit too much dialogue and all you wanna see is the action, but Tarantino is good a building up suspense through dialogue. Still an all round enjoyable movie.

Alexander C (br) wrote: SExy as hell!hot!!!!

Shawn S (jp) wrote: A major improvement over the last one, with a much better story and better performances and overall one of the better entries in the franchise.

Shawn R (es) wrote: Lots of blood and violence for a movie made in 1986.

Rene W (it) wrote: A great commentary on the end of the Wild West. I really wished it had a big shoot-out scene; I was really hoping for one.