Villa Captive

Villa Captive

A young actress seeking a life away from adult movies moves to Florida insearch of a new identity. Her newfound peace is shattered when local thugsrecognize her.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   rape,   murder,  

A young actress seeking a life away from adult movies moves to Florida in search of a new identity. Her newfound peace is shattered when local thugs recognize her. A tribute to hard edged ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip J (ca) wrote: A difficult film to watch, but an important one.

Heather L (au) wrote: Really talented cast. Luis Guzman was hilarious, and I loved Freddy Rodriguez's performance as a soldier coming home. Different from most 'holiday' movies.

Bastian S (mx) wrote: Another masterpiece that stands well for the Spanish Apartment trilogy, and gives Xavier and his pals story more life.

Ariel Z (jp) wrote: very very well done film ... claustrophobic.

Markus M (ag) wrote: Jason in space. That is an idea that when properly executed could've resulted in a brilliantly shlocky and hilariously entertaining film, but instead Jason X opts to just suck. Most of the characters all share one personality, by which I mean they have none beyond throwing out sarcastic one-liners, and ninety-five perfent of the jokes fall flat, leaving the only kinda funny parts to be the sometimes pretty entertaining kills. But even with a few kinda cool kills, the film never really utilizes the possibilities of putting Jason in the future on a spaceship, and instead just does a typical Friday the 13th slasher. The setting has no significant impact on the action, so basically the same movie could've been done as a classic Friday the 13th film by just replacing words like "space" in the script with "Camp Crystal Lake". Honestly the idea of Jason in space would've been much more suited for a splatter film than a slasher film. When the movie came out I was like ten years old and was too young to see it, so when I saw the trailer I just imagined the movie in my head, and I still find the one ten-year-old me came up with better than the actual one. They should've just gone all out and given Jason like a laser machete and had him have a lightsaber duel or something and give all the characters blasters and shit... You know, just go all out on the stupid sci-fi shit like something like Moonraker did (although granted that's not a good movie either). In the end the only thing Jason X truly got right is Uber Jason which is one of the coolest things ever in the history of anything ever.5-/10

Tyler S (es) wrote: A true guilty pleasure of mine. A fun witty stylish comedy where Brendan Fraser actually shines. After spending his whole life underground with his parents who built in for fear of nuclear war, he is sent up to get supplies and bring down a woman. His father spent his whole life educating him so he is smart but not street smart to the way of the world. The interactions he has with the modern society and the way he speaks make for laugh out loud entertainment. What seems to be a stupid script is actually performed quite well. I recommend

Nick P (es) wrote: This is one of those few movies that make you so thankful for everything you have. It's very upsetting, angering, and sadly accurate.

Wayne K (ca) wrote: It's quite remarkable, and somewhat depressing, that arguably the greatest alien movie of all time was indirectly responsible for arguably the worst of all time. Mac And Me, infamous for nearly 3 decades now as a feature-length Coca-Cola commercial intertwined with a near beat-for-beat remake of E.T., is every bit as bad as you'd imagine. I will admit to laughing on numerous occasions, at one point having to pause the movie so as to avoid missing anything important, and I use that word with all the sarcasm I can muster. The whole movie is basically E.T. with every vestige of warmth, whimsy and wonderment removed entirely. The child acting is utterly atrocious, and the adults aren't much better. Compounding the awful script are the terribly staged deliveries, with the characters not understanding basic speech elements such as pauses and inflections, speaking their lines in a stilted, emotionless manner. It was far more unintentionally hilarious than I expected, and I would certainly watch it again, albeit with a plentiful supply of booze at hand. It's a must see for any bad movie buff, and demonstrates exactly what can happen when commercialism and exploitation combine their evil forces and have a go at making a family film. The results, as you might well expect, are far from pretty.

Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Nilo E (nl) wrote: "We swore we'd go together, one way or another. Out by sixteen or dead on the scene, but together forever. United against life as we know it".

Ryley R (au) wrote: Marvel has hit the goldmine once again. With a talking tree, a raccoon with firearms, and an alien who takes everything entirely literal, this was sure to be a miss, however, with Gunn's quick and clever direction, as well as a hilarious script, Guardians stands among the giants in the comic book film genre.

Oli H (fr) wrote: "???", if you like art style films and love stories. Dreams, past, now, future.....

Jessi t (us) wrote: Pretty original idea, and not a bad movie. If, by chance, you see it sitting on a rental shelf, don't hesitate to pick it up to see something different.

Alfredo G (kr) wrote: One of the best movies of 2008 hands down. Keanu Reeves, Hugh Laurie, and Forest Whitaker deliver some of their best performances ever. Action packed with a well written, tense, and suspenseful plot.