Village of the Damned

Village of the Damned

In a small English village everyone suddenly falls unconscious. When they awake every woman of child bearing age is pregnant. The resulting children have the same strange blond hair, eyes and a strong connection to each other.

In the English village of Midwich, the blond-haired, glowing-eyed children of uncertain paternity prove to have frightening powers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M W (es) wrote: Two stories in one documentary: one is about a mysterious woman who hid world class photographic talent behind menial jobs as either nanny or maid, and the other addresses what happens when a professional graverobber discovers the goods. One story is interesting for it's humanity, the other is interesting for it's lack.

joe c (mx) wrote: The movie is so awesome!

Sonia L (us) wrote: A corny fun silly treat for Yu-Gi-Oh fans! I'm slightly disappointed Yugi didn't get to use any of his Egyptian god cards, but it's great to see the 3 main stars of the Yu-Gi-Oh series united for the first time! Non-Yu-Gi-Oh fans might think the whole thing is stupid though.

Pampalini L (kr) wrote: A tone-deaf cop works to track down a group of guerilla percussionists whose anarchic public performances are terrorizing the city.

Kimberly W (ag) wrote: This was probably my least favourite of all the movies so far.

Jim F (ru) wrote: Since I just listened to the Audiobook of Part I I figured I'd watch my DVD again. The movie still stands up on its own, though the story is much more in depth in book form. They are able to avoid some of the nuances of the ongoing affair between Dagny and Hank by having him just say "hey I heard about this motor" I really couldn't expect more given the medium. It may have been better if we adapted it better for the time, maybe airlines instead of railroads, but I don't fault them taking the easy way. The one thing I do fault them on is making Reardon Metal a beautiful silver color instead of the nasty ugly blue-green vomit color that the book described.

Miguel I (gb) wrote: Fuckin scared the living crap out of me... This kind of a movie is what keeps me wondering "What else can be told that hasn't?"

Sondre L (us) wrote: Joda, kul nok, litt lenge siden n merker jeg, men den ble bare s vidt kjedelig, og det tror jeg var fordi det var seint og vi akkurat hadde sett en ikke mer enn passe bra film frst. Lang setning gitt. Alts, kul nok, men ikke minneverdig.

Jeff A (ag) wrote: It seemed throughout the movie that everthing was done half-assed. Pretty crappy film.

James R (ca) wrote: A very cheaply made film about football on a Saturday and this film focuses on one particular player in the football team.

RiP M (mx) wrote: TV movie hell with an all-star cast including a pre-Friends Matthew Perry. I don't know why I ever liked this but if it came on TV now I wouldn't turn it off.

Garrett C (au) wrote: An incredible first hand portrait of the greatest year in music history, 1967. Pennebaker's directional style is invigorating and as exciting as his work on Dylan's "Don't Look Back." The film does a stupendous job of making the audience as fascinating as the artists themselves, and constantly keeping the visuals fresh. Some complain of the short length and focus on the audience, but I think that its length as a brief portrait of the variety of music that was showcased is perfect. The shots of the audience really make you feel like you're there. I know when I'm at a show I'm watching the people there just as much as the artists. I simply just can't say enough about the imaginative shots and stupendous breadth of artists and genres showcased. It's impossible for me to imagine a better film to capture this fleeting but monumentally influential time in history. Highly recommended.

Doctor S (us) wrote: OK early prison drama featuring the stupidest romantic entanglement of the decade as gangster moll Stanwyck eventually falls for the clumsy long-distance charms of the religious politico who sent her to San Quentin for 2-5 years as accessory to robbery. "Have fun in the slammer, I'll be here when you get out." Riiiiiiiiiight. Barbara + some fun supporting characters help pass the time, and hey, it's the original women-in-prison flick and actually (sub)named "Women In Prison"!

Dustin L (gb) wrote: I don't care what anyone says, this is a must see for all you romantics out there. Logan Lerman and Emma Watson have incredible chemistry in this film. The acting is incredible and each moment is so powerful. You get to learn about a boy with his struggles throughout high school, making these two new friends that will change his life forever and a past that needs to be fixed. I will not be a spoiler, although the ending of this movie was one of the best scenes in (modernist romantic) film making history ever made. It sent chills down my spine and I was streaming tears down my eyes. This movie will move you and if you have a big heart will change your life in a positive way. It will give you hope for family, friends and especially true love. :)

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