Vinashak - Destroyer

Vinashak - Destroyer

ACP Amar Agnihotri has to come to know that Jailer Lankeshwar is using some jailed convicts to act as hit-men for a fee, by allowing them to leave the jail, carry out their job, and then be...

Jailer Lankeshwar is suspected of corruption and illegal weapons trading. He uses some of the jailed convicts to act as hit men for a fee, by allowing them to leave the jail, carry out ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant H (it) wrote: Great movie. The story might not be 100% original, but the dialogue is smart and funny, the direction is superb and the performances are stunning, especially Blanchett.

Stefano R (au) wrote: i precedenti erano carini... questo... mah... forse il peggior film di De Niro... :-/

David L (ca) wrote: There are absolutely no words that can describe how disturbing this movie was. The movie makes an awkward turn for the worst mid-way through. The picture quality looked as if it was shot on an 80's vhs camcorder. NO character acted with any skill or even emotion. The whole movie could of been written off as a horrible joke Watch this movie! and try and figure out how these people are related in some twisted way... who ever wrote this movie need to be checked out psychologically and should never be given another pen and piece of paper!

Ian B (es) wrote: The Changeling is widely considered to be one of the best in the haunted house genre, and for good reason. This is the type of low-key gothic thriller they just don't make anymore. There's nothing particularly original about the story itself, but it's so well acted and directed that you don't really notice the familiarity of it all. George C. Scott gives a terrific performance as the grieving husband/father trying to put his life back together after his family is tragically killed. Without such a skilled actor carrying the movie it could've easily turned campy, but he keeps everything grounded and elevates the material into something special. I'll admit the movie isn't really all that scary, but director Peter Medak slowly builds the tension and mystery while filling the movie with plenty of atmosphere and suspense. What really makes the movie work is that Medak understands the concept of 'less is more', and by keeping the ghost offscreen it allows the imagination to run wild. The Changeling isn't interested in cheap jump's about loss and the fear of the unknown. Highly recommended for those who enjoy classic, creepy ghost stories.

Niklas S (br) wrote: I could care less who's the Govenor of California. But I do know who Arnold is and he's pretty cool. He brings a unknown Swedish boy like myself some hope that I will one day become a Govenor in one of the states of America.

Thomas F (de) wrote: Un film trs rafrachissant avec des clichs concernant la famille indienne (enfin la famille indienne qui habite Toronto lol) mais surtout vis--vis du coming-out et de la manire dont il peut tre peru! Un trs bon moment!

Lawrence W (es) wrote: A sad way for a wonderful comic talent to go out on.

Film F (ca) wrote: Classic ..All Star Cast

Marco F (kr) wrote: An exceptional film, I haven't seen a film that mirrors real life closer than this one does. Gritty, astonishing and acted to near-perfection by the cast.

Jen M (ru) wrote: Very forgettable Murphy is ok for tweens. Ages 9+