Violent Cop

Violent Cop

Detective Azuma is a Dirty-Harry style rogue cop who often uses violence and unethical methods to get results.

A violence prone police officer discovers that his colleague is trafficking drugs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lance W (br) wrote: What a great movie. Really shows the terrible life of the Favelas in Rio and how corrupt Brasil can be. The acting in the film is also very good. If you are debating on whether or not to see this movie you will not regret seeing it. It is violent so if you aren't in to violence skip it, but if you are ok with it and want a great story, watch this Brazilian blockbuster.

Bu A (it) wrote: A good Iranian drama although the personalities seem to be somewhat interchangeable. The direction is rough in spots. Segues a bit confusing. All-in-all a good to watch flick that reveals much about the Iranian culture which is good compensation for any short-falling.

Sherry M (es) wrote: good movie with a good story although it did drag a little. salman's character was a bit on the cheesy side..but he did a really good job more of a serious "guy" flick

Robert T (fr) wrote: Another wonderful offering from director Steve Barron! This has to be one of the best films released by Hallmark Entertainment since "Merlin" back in 1997. The film's art direction and special effects were quite superb. It surely deserved its Emmy win back in 2004 for Outstanding Special Visual Effects! The film's folklore sequences were visually pleasing. The film's story and plot were a little questionable at times, but when the film did transition to the folklore scenes, that's when the film got better. The film has a mixed of drama, fantasy, and adventure. The cast during the present scenes were alright, but during the folklore scenes, everyone were just excellent. It would be interesting if the director made the whole movie from the folklores, instead of telling them from an old man's point of view. Nonetheless, the film was interesting, fun, and engaging. Highly recommend!

Greg W (es) wrote: remade of the directors 1999 pic of the same name

Johnathon C (kr) wrote: I liked it, the last quarter was rubbish. But for a film I saw at 11pm on a Saturday night, i quite enjoyed it.

Robert W (br) wrote: meh....been in a woody allen mode lately....certainly not one of his better films, but, its always fun to see him in one of his goofy comedies. good cast.

Mike B (mx) wrote: Mildly entertaining dystopia.

Tom H (gb) wrote: so god awfully boring i almost puked! expected more from Lucio Fulci. but still it has it`s moments.

Kevin T (kr) wrote: Ohhh I love this movie. One of the weirdest genres to date. A German Western about racism, family dysfunction, social acceptance, xenophobia, and the craving of complete difference. All shot in a Spaghetti Western style with some wickedly stylish shots of our foreign hero. Such a fun watch.

victor l (gb) wrote: :fresh: [b][i]Despite the screenplay has unforgivable flaws, the film is entertaining and has many strenghts: the Madame Butterfly music, Shirley McLaine who is an excellent comedian, Edward G. Robinson who played a very convincing executive producer and of course, the great costume design made by the legendary Edith Head. Not a great picture, but good to have a nice time.[/i][/b]

Ryan V (br) wrote: Thanks to a brazen theft, a dippy circus owner (Kenny Baker) may lose his business to a shifty creditor (James Burke). His salvation comes at the hands of Groucho, Harpo, and Chico. At The Circus has some funny antics, but it's markedly inferior to the films that preceded it. While not terrible, I have high standards for Marx fare and I can't find myself recommending it to anyone but the most zealous of classic comedy buffs.

Ricardo R (ru) wrote: Interesting movie but quite dark, bleak and nihilistic. The performances by the 2 leads are intense, powerful, realistic and believable.