Violent Is the Word for Curly

Violent Is the Word for Curly

The stooges are left in charge of a gas station and manage to blow up the car of their first customers, three famous European professors. The stooges steal some of the academics' clothes and wind up at "Mildew", a women's college where the three professors are expected. Mistaken as the real thing, the boys take their place on the faculty. When the real professors show up, the stooges try to convince a rich woman, the schools benefactor, that an athletics programs is more important. Their athletics demonstration comes to an explosive end when the real professors slip them a nitroglycerin basketball.

Three bumbling gas station attendants are mistaken for college professors arriving from Germany to teach at a prestigious women's college. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anders H (au) wrote: Kautokeino-opprret tells of a shocking and fascinating chapter in the history of the indigenous Sami in northern Scandinavia. Unfortunately, as so often happens in Norwegian cinema, what began as a good idea falls victim to awkward acting and direction, and the film fails to sweep you away entirely.

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Allan C (ca) wrote: Richard Widmark is a tough drill sergeant who prepares a bunch of green recruits for service in the Korean War. Karl Malden is his second in command who thinks Widmark is too hard on the young recruits. You've seen this story a hundred times, but who cares. The story was good and worked for "The Sands of Iwo Jima" all the way to "Heartbreak Ridge" and this film is no different. If you've got a good cast and a halfway decent sense of how to write characters, the formula will work and it works just fine here.

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