Violet Perfume: No One Is Listening

Violet Perfume: No One Is Listening

A poignant and moving urban drama, focusing on the growing problem of sexual assault in Mexico City. Director Sistach fictionalizes the true story of a friendship between two adolescent ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:violence,   bed wetting,  

A poignant and moving urban drama, focusing on the growing problem of sexual assault in Mexico City. Director Sistach fictionalizes the true story of a friendship between two adolescent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Violet Perfume: No One Is Listening torrent reviews

Private U (br) wrote: I will sign up an account to this site if I have to just to warn you all that this is the worst film I've ever seen. Truly dreadful.

Tannis S (ag) wrote: this is a great movie!

Robert T (es) wrote: Though the television advertised this film as a Jim Hensen production, it was way off from the great movies Jim Hensen used to create. I was a little excited for this film when it aired on television back in 2001, because it had Hallmark Entertainment written all over it, and their miniseries recently had been praised for its originality and creativity, but sadly, I didn't see much of the two aforementioned in this film at all. The film's cast were all right, nothing to rave about, and the film's characters were definitely not memorable at all. The story and plot were kind of boring, and left me wondering, "What the hell is this?" The film failed my expectations. Though some of the art directions were neat, the visuals were kind off, and wasn't on par with past Hallmark films.

Spencer S (nl) wrote: Martin took a chance in being in this little known, little seen, conspiracy thriller. It has an interesting concept and the plot is definitely worth following, but the ultimate villain isn't all that impressive or frightening. What makes this film especially unseemly has to be its reliance on black humor, which comes off less funny and more grotesque. There's this scene near the end that is so disgusting and gross that I don't even want to think about it, and that quickly veers it away from being interesting gumshoe mystery and into weird existential quandary. If the ending were a little less slovenly this film would probably be lauded for its intricate story and the great performance from Helena Bonham Carter as the drug dealer's (Caan) sister and the seductress of the dentist (Martin). Martin feels misplaced in the film, mostly because we're used to either subdued serious performances or out of control wackiness in comedies. It's just a little too all over the place to make it as memorable as it should be.

Shawn M (ca) wrote: A surprisingly light-hearted departure for Emily Watson...and I didn't hate it!

Danny R (br) wrote: Two criminals who recently ripped off a crime boss soon find a convent disguise themselves as nuns in this often hysterical but poorly written comedy.

The Critic (br) wrote: A treasure trove of talent assemble in Ron Howard's engaging look at the complexities of contemporary domesticity. A beautifully written screenplay that balances comedy and drama to deliver an insightful look into the anxieties of guiding those through the awkwardness of growing up. Beautifully constructed, and as pretty much flawless as you're ever going to get for this sort of fare, just watch Diane Weist steal the show. It was developed into a critically acclaimed television series in 2010.

David T (ru) wrote: Top-Gunnish, I enjoyed it

Charles P (ag) wrote: Breathless was a revolutionary film debut from Jean-Luc Goddard, and watching it after over five decades later, every shot and every scene demonstrates it hasn't lost an ounce of its influence or importance.

Darrin C (gb) wrote: Ha ha, it was okay. Definitely original and not meant to be taken seriously.

David C (ag) wrote: Fantastic!! if you love Will's writting then by golly, you will love the snot out of this. filmed as if in the theater and not to mention the cast is star studded!!

Richard Y (fr) wrote: A gem of a thriller with impressionable scenes that stuck in my mind after 50 years. I was reminded of the clever plot as I watched it again and still those scenes were haunting as ever the second time round. Hollywood can easily remake it as this original Hammer production can definitely do with an update... this time Christopher Lee can play the father instead of the doctor in the original!

Lynda M (gb) wrote: Superb yet painful experience, under the gifted hands of Dutt. It maybe dated now, yet is still a classic film of the late 50's.

Eric T (au) wrote: really amazing set design...every room and every setting was visually odd and strange. good film with the great Basil Rathbone

Johnny B (br) wrote: Bad decision not having James Wan direct this.