The doomed love of a city girl caught in the vise of poverty is detailed in Vavra’s fluid, romantic work, one of the most elegant creations of the Czech Modernist era... The film lingers over its characters’ habitats and haunts, finding psychological truths in what each owns or desires, and countering every Hollywood-ready scene of gleaming restaurants and dazzling penthouses with realist moments of employment lines and crammed flats. Vavra’s classical camerawork and aura of romantic defeatism give Virginity a force comparable to the master of this genre, Hollywood’s Frank Borzage. (BAM/PFA)

Young and stunningly beautiful Hana is thrown into the street after her mother catches her stepfather sexually harassing Hana. She finds a new job at a café where she becomes the object of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Parminder S (us) wrote: watched it tonight. good movie. Fun to watch. Predictable ending but still good movie. Have some aesome graphic effects n sound edit. 7/10

Chris R (it) wrote: While it slightly improves itself over 2010's 'Hatchet II', the third film in the franchise doesn't seem to want to entertain horror fans in any way, beyond placing 80's actors in cameo roles. This film, along with the other two 'Hatchet' films just feel like really lazy attempts to trick and manipulate fans of classic 80's horror and treat them to a shit product. If they had just tried to put something more into it other than adding every cameo role they could think of, this could've been the sequel that changed my mind about the franchise. Unfortunately, 'Hatchet III' is not that movie and the horror genre continues its steady decline. Skip it.

Rick H (ru) wrote: was a little disappointed. Had liked the comics and been wanting to see this yrs. The animation is some of the worst I've seen in a long time.

James Y (es) wrote: Astonishingly intimate, moving & terrifying footage of the event that changed the world in our lifetime, just a shame the filmmakers are so over-rehearsed in their retrospective contributions.

Adam S (br) wrote: words can't begin to describe how cheesey and bad this movie is. There are a couple overly dramatic lines that made me laugh, but seriously this hardly even qualifies as a movie.

Bilal S (kr) wrote: quick story line, paced very well.

Thiago C (ru) wrote: Eastwood hardly miss it! What a director!

Russell S (it) wrote: With the retelling of the origin story, plus the rest of the plot, this was always going to be a lengthy movie. Nevertheless, everything works well and the chemistry between the leads is a definite plus. With good action, romance and well implemented cgi this movie is better than many give it credit for. The 3D feels like a bit of an afterthought though and is largely a waste of time.

Tim W (jp) wrote: Live music within a porno. Pretencious, yes, but experimental