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David T (it) wrote: A clever idea (a first-person-shooter video game-style POV horror film, about a contract killing mission gone horribly awry) marred significantly by one simple problem: You can see the camera in every shiny surface it records. At first you see it in a cell phone reflection, then an elevator, and then it pops up so many times that, frankly, I'm surprised I didn't see it listed in the cast credits. It breaks your suspension of disbelief immediately, because it's so noticeable and constant. But other than that flaw, this was a pretty interesting (although I won't say "good") film, and at times actually does feel like you're watching a first-person-shooter game, with its purposefully silly voiceovers and balls-out crazy blood and guts FX. Whether or not the feeling of watching a video game is a good thing, however, is up to you. Put a PlayStation or Xbox controller in your hands while watching. Maybe that will help.

Tyler S (br) wrote: A fun movie, that has a good sense of originality. Duvall is excellent as a recluse who has a fake funeral. He's a mysterious man who is grumpy but has a good sense of wit about him. Co starring Bill Murray (who can play any role with an excellent flare) this movie is a unique film, with an excellent cast. Be patient with it.

Scott C (es) wrote: Did not realize that this was actually more of a documentary about Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping than an indictment of holiday spending. Still, Rev. Billy is charismatic and hilarious.

Phill W (fr) wrote: love crappy horror movies:)

Solomon G (es) wrote: I did her on his birthday ....

James M (it) wrote: Two incredibly strong acting performances drive this movie. Holly Hunter really should have won her second Oscar for this and Evan Rachel Wood should have at the very least received a nomination.Wood plays Tracy, a typical thirteen year old girl, getting decent grades at school, but not one of the in-crowd. Her life (and her mother's) turn upside down when she becomes friends with one of the cool kids, Evie (Nikki Reed). From a sweet girl who respects her family and does chores for her mum (Hunter). Tracy gets involved with drugs, alcohol, petty crime and self-harm, getting involved so deep she's a completely different person come the end of the movie, much to the emotional drain of her family and especially her mother.It's more than just a movie about teen angst, it's also about manipulative friendships and how parents are sometimes almost powerless to stop their kids falling in with the wrong type.A big surprise is how well directed this film is, beginning in rich colour and slowly becoming black & white as it depicts Tracy's descent into her troubles. It's a huge shame writer/director Catherine Hardwicke had to go and ruin her career with the first Twilight movie.

Nitin S (us) wrote: On watching an award winning documentary ~Life and Debt(TM), I am quite shocked by how IMF and World Bank has arm twisted small nations (Jamaica) for decades as they are doing to India now. It appears like no one has learnt lessons from past failures upon sudden financial deregulation and currency devaluation on 3rd world countries.As many of you know, I have been crying foul over rampant corporatization, unregulated market centric growth which has widened the income gap to a rift and left India(TM)s 750 million poor floundering in the shining India of the top 100 million.Life and Debt is a very important documentary for every world citizen but especially to my Indian friends because the structural adjustment policies at the roots of this ignominy in Jamaica (as captured in Life and Debt) have striking resemblance to what has happened in India over last decade.Just like small farmer in Jamaica is encouraged/forced by policies and international agreements to grow pepper, Indian farmer is advised to grow cash crops like cotton both unsuitable for individual circumstances.European and American farm produce is highly subsidized while Jamaican and Indian governments are forced to remove all subsidies to their farmers and then they have to compete with European products in the open market. There is also a parallel between exorbitant interest rates for small farm loans in India and the interest rates enforced by IMF for loans to Jamaican farmers.In more ways than one, Jamaican farms serve as a laboratory for policies in a large country like India. Why will the policies that left Jamaica in utter poverty leave majority of Indians any different. Is it worth it? Is it worthy fattening the top 100 million at the cost flattening the bottom 750 million?- Nitin Sonawane

simon x (ru) wrote: Fun and enjoyable the hilarious actions of the thief make the movie entertaining

Mark N (fr) wrote: Very funny, one of my favorite 90s film.

Joe B (gb) wrote: Your typical hysterically overdone 90's courtroom thriller. This is back in the day when filmmakers utilized their sound editors for all they were worth -- EVERYTHING is hyper audible...breathing, clicking heels, can even hear people blink! As for the movie itself, it's not half bad but it's SOOOO 90's. And Gary Oldman turns in the best Joan Crawford overacting performance I've seen in some time.

PEP (gb) wrote: good suspence action thriller..awesome..

Konrad A (kr) wrote: This movie is not the one for me not enough entertainment in this movie for me. Only part I liked in the movie was when Bambi called a skunk flower that was a funny part that was the only favorite part I had in this movie the only character I liked most movie was flour a skunk

Peter F (au) wrote: Jean-Luc Godard's highly innovative debut film was groundbreaking for its age, and while it may not feel as novel today, it's certainly just as enjoyable as ever. Inspired by American crime dramas, but told through an unconventional narrative propelled by an adventurous editing style, Breathless is certainly weird, but it's plot is fully contiguous. The dialogue in the film still sparkles to this day, which references both pop-culture and high art, and the film sublimely blurs the divide between American and French culture like virtually no other existing film. The French New Wave didn't start here, but Godard certainly made the style a whole lot cooler!

michelle d (mx) wrote: Heart Paul Walker, but this movie sucked! You too Mr. Fishburne. Just terrible, terrible acting and plot. Awful.

Aj V (ca) wrote: The worst of the series, this camp movie is entirely routine and lame. It's not worth seeing, just watch the first two.