Vishnu Puran

Vishnu Puran

Beautiful Gandharva Kanya invites the wrath of Gandharav Raj Ambuj when she decides to take the advise of Devi Maa Gauri and get married to a Manav, Dharamketu. Ambuj soon humiliates and ...

Beautiful Gandharva Kanya invites the wrath of Gandharav Raj Ambuj when she decides to take the advise of Devi Maa Gauri and get married to a Manav, Dharamketu. Ambuj soon humiliates and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Owen D (jp) wrote: Just watch bushwacked...

Stephanie C (kr) wrote: LOL this movie is hilarious. I felt like it lagged in places and the ending should have been so much better! but it was good entertainment. I have not read the manga.

Nahush P (es) wrote: really liked the movie....javed jaffry and sanjay mishra were truly outstanding as charlie and chainnu..some of the scenes were simply hilarious...lotsa bollywood references in the movie.

Ian E (kr) wrote: "Talladega Nights" has plenty of laughs thanks to the comedic performances of its ensemble cast and jokes that satirizes the sports industry.

Tanya W (fr) wrote: This is the definition of a simple storyline turned into brilliant satire.

Marcus W (kr) wrote: Starts really well only to run out of ideas and drive off the proverbial cliff.

Chris S (gb) wrote: At least as good as the first, if not better. D2 has a more serious tone as the characters are a little older and the stakes are significantly higher. The second movie keeps a fair amount of the core characters of the first film, meaning they cut out the unnecessary characters that wouldn't translate as well into a developing set of films. Emilio Estevez is as good as ever and both him and Joshua Jackson anchor the film's beating heart.

Andrea N (mx) wrote: Makes me laugh,makes me cry. Love it

Peter W (us) wrote: Rock'n'Roll has given us many great movies, but if I had to choose, this is the ONE! Brilliant!

Tero H (kr) wrote: Fascinating, well directed and superbly acted story about a passionate, gifted sculptor Camille Claudel. This film is able to keep the interest even though its great lenght, mostly due to Adjani's riveting performance as the suffering artist. The film has detailed sets and wardrobes with atmospheric music which complements the overall dark mood of the movie. Adjani's gifted acting is enchanting, in the center of the film and is impressive to say the least. Depardieu and the rest of the cast are great. What made me wonder was what were the mental or rather, emotional processes bound by passion and despair that moved her in the final result of the story. The movie was long but the film kept my interest its whole duration. Not an action film, but a long, well done drama with great actors.

Daniel A (ru) wrote: Clearly the result of imbibing acid and meth at every stage of the creative process! I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck went on in this film. We've got a proto-Beavis and Butthead pair of brothers who, in tribute to their dead psychotic uncle, kill wanton women to serve up on their diner's menu; we've got necromancy to revive said uncle as a disembodied brain; we've also got said brain (complete with eyes) orchestrate and oversee a plot to revive an ancient goddess with a name reminiscent of an Eighties cartoon villainess: all hail Sheetar!Did I forget to mention the rival diner owner and his sole talking puppet customer; or the vaguely grating pair of cop stereotypes?All of this got thrown into a gonzo gumbo with a varying aftertaste: sometimes, it hit the spot; other times it left me wondering: "What the fuck am I eating?" Perhaps I should check out Blood Feast, the slab of Sixties horror this hit 'n' miss homage pays tribute to.

Hayley K (au) wrote: Hilarious, fun and a brilliant revival to the series. Yeah, it's ridiculous and cheesy, but it is completely self-aware. My favorite of the series and probably the one I've rewatched the most.

Brian T (nl) wrote: I got 24 minutes in but the dialogue was killing me. Maybe Glee fans will like it but not for me. At one point it had jazz sax playing in the score while they drove around at 11 am.