Hildegard von Bingen was truly a woman ahead of her time. A visionary in every sense of the word, this famed 12th-century Benedictine nun was a Christian mystic, composer, philosopher, playwright, poet, naturalist, scientist, physician, herbalist and ecological activist.

The life story of the multi-talented German nun Hildegard von Bingen. The film portrays an original woman - best known as a composer and religious visionary - whose grand claims often run ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julien C (ca) wrote: Cute movie for Step Up fans.

Robert S (fr) wrote: This whole movie is just another campaign ploy for Obama, not even disguised as a movie or a plot. It's as bad as him asking people to donate their Wedding or Birthday gifts to him. the acting is horrible and not worth wasting your time on seeing it.

Pat O (au) wrote: Amazing movie, heart wrenching goodness in this movie, kinda makes you feel good about the world even though it is one of the saddest movies I've seen.

Nicholas W (us) wrote: I don't what to say for how awesome this movie is. It's a non-stop adventure!

Hanif M (ag) wrote: This was an excellent movie. I think more people would like Kirsten stewart if she performed in more films like these. Speak is based on a superb book and it is very psychological and engaging. I thought Kirsten stewart did a good job in this film. Her character was great and very sympathetic. She cared the film very well. The empathy for her character is something that i have never quite felt before. THe film is short but makes excellent use of its time. I would highly reccomend this film.

Phil H (br) wrote: The 90's, the era of many pointless, tacky and stupid action flicks. I submit to you exhibit A, firstly, bloody stupid title, I mean what the hell is that supposed to mean? hard rain. What is the rain so heavy and hard that is both soaks and hurts you? Is the rain really tough and well 'ard that is comes down wearing a Burberry tracksuit and pinches your mobile phone?? Anyway so the hook of this run of the mill action heist was the fact its set within a major storm and flooding, Die Hard in soaking wet clothes or Die Hard with pneumonia...see, I can think of cool film titles too.So Christian (I was once a famous action star briefly in the 90's) Slater and his elderly partner are security guards making pick-ups during a serious storm in a small town. The town is slowly flooding which cause are duo to get stuck in a large deep area of water. They believe they are stranded but low and behold some blokes come along to help them, spoiler alert, these guys are baddies. So these baddies are obviously after the loot but after the accidental killing of Slater's elderly partner a long wet chase ensues as Slater runs off with the loot and hides it. He now finds himself very wet, with baddies after him and the small ton police also sniffing around, but are they goodies or baddies? Oh the intrigue.So first off I gotta ask, why the fuck does Slater run off with the money?? The bad guys offered him a chance to walk away from the truck and just leave the money, that's all they wanted, they weren't interested in him. But no he has to run off with the money and then gets all stressed out when the bad guys start hunting him down, pfft! they gave you a chance Slater! OK so the bad guys, they are led by...Morgan Freeman? wait Morgan Freeman is the main bad guy?! well that's one for the books isn't it, don't see that happening very often. But yeah these bad guys aren't very intimidating frankly, Freeman tries to be ruthless but he just can't pull it off, he's just too nice. There's the token black guy who seems to be the edgy one but never really does anything accept spout bible verses for some reason. There's a guy with glasses on who I think is supposed to be an ex-teacher? anyway again he does nothing of note. Finally there is the token young dude with long hair, the unpredictable one who is obviously gonna fuck things up for the others, and low and behold....All together this small team of robbers are weak and completely ineffective within the movie, you aren't scared by them and you never really feel like they are actually gonna accomplish anything. Oh and the token black guy doesn't die first here amazingly.On the other hand the small trio of cops that are supposedly helping Slater's character are well cast. Randy Quaid plays the sheriff who comes across as a solid leader, only to quickly switch into a cold killer as they close in on the money. You can tell Quaid's character can't be trusted which adds to the suspense, plus I enjoyed his amusing expressions of frustration as his third officer starts to waver under the pressure of killing innocent people. Its like, oh for God's sake, stop being such a do-gooder and think of the money. Together with Mark Rolston as his slimy second in command, the duo make a pretty good pair of unhinged crooked cops, unfortunately we don't really see enough of the pair being evil.Slater of course plays the all round heroic boyscout type, boring, predictably perfect in every way and invincible. He is helped by love interest Minnie Driver who makes stained glass windows or something? I dunno, just your typical female sidekick that generally needs rescuing after being taken hostage. Remember when I said Freeman was the main bad guy, well that doesn't last forever because no sooner have the cops revealed themselves to be crooked, Slater must join forces with old Morgan. So there you go folks, even when Freeman is officially the bad guy in a movie, he still turns out to be good, in this case...a good old boy type.Overall the movie looks pretty good, good lighting, nice camera work, there is clearly a tonne of flooded sets being used with lots of stunts involving small motorboats, jet skis and electrics reacting with water type situations. There are some pretty terrible bluescreen shots of Freeman, Quaid and Slater speeding along in boats, lots of wet gunplay, lots of daft dialog, someone naturally gets fried alive in the water when electric cables short out into it, and umm...lots of water sequences, lots of H2O going everywhere. I should also point out that the musical score seems very similar to 'Aliens' in my opinion, almost beat for beat in some sequences, odd. As I already said you can kinda tell that Quaid's character is up to something mainly because Quaid is playing the character, but you're never sure how far the twists will go, or how many there will be, or who may or may not pop back up at any given moment. These loose action flicks tended to throw all sorts of things at you, anyone could come back when you least expect it and it didn't have to make sense. Honesty there isn't much good out and out action but attractive visuals at least make things nice to look at.This movie was a big flop when it was released and its not hard to see why truth be told. Its really a very aimless and pointless heist flick which isn't really very exciting. Yes there are quite few twists which admittedly do keep you somewhat engaged but really this is a whole lot of hokey wet nothing. Its also hard to imagine how something like this actually got a cinematic release (which I actually saw in the cinema I might add).

Patrick J (br) wrote: There is no such thing as a review. There is no such thing as analysis. There is only trouble and desire.

Camille L (br) wrote: Typiquement le genre de film qui passait il y a quelques annes en deuxime partie de soire sur TF1, Bird on a Wire est une comdie policire un peu balourde et rarement drle qui trane en longueur passe la premire demi-heure, malgr les excellents Mel Gibson et Goldie Hawn. John Badham sait raliser les scnes d'action, a on le sait, mais dans les scnes d'exposition, il est beaucoup moins bon. David Carradine et Bill Duke, censs tre les grands mchants, sont bien trop absents.

James L (gb) wrote: They don't make em like this anymore... well made, intelligent,and original with great performances by Gary Oldman and Kevin Bacon.

Barry M (fr) wrote: Not even so bad it's good! Just awful!

Tis D (us) wrote: the old classic is a good film.

Ben T (gb) wrote: "Talladega Nights" is a hilarious comedy with a fun story, hysterical script, and great cast, with one of my favorite Will Ferrell performances.

Chris B (kr) wrote: Speedy is another Harold Lloyd silent comedy recently restored in 4K by the folks at The Criterion Collection for their Blu-ray release. They have done a wonderful job here and Speedy makes for an excellent companion piece to their previous Lloyd output of Safety Last! (1923) and The Freshman (1925). For a film that is turning 88 years old tomorrow, Speedy is a beautifully restored piece and in wonderful condition considering its age, what a revelation to watch!Lloyd delivers another top notch comedic adventure here as the title character 'Speedy', who has a real hard time keeping a job or doing anything resembling a good job. The film is once again filled with great gags, hilarious set pieces, and perfect timing on the part of Lloyd and his interactions with the environment around him. Like most silent comedies there is a basic story here and a love interest for the title character, as well as several secondary characters who support Lloyd's character throughout his crazy antics. There are a couple huge set pieces with dozens and dozens of actors in them and it really adds to the scope of the film and makes for a wonderfully exciting spectacle. Overall, this was a wonderful feature length Harold Lloyd film and also his last silent film. There are many scenes that bring both smiles and laughs to the audience through the clever use of the setting and elements within it and his character's energy and persistence within this crazy series of events. Once again, like the first two feature length Lloyd films mentioned earlier, Speedy was a true feature length comedy from one of the masters of the silent era and truly a wonderfully fun watch even 88 years after its release. What a gift for film lovers and those who appreciate silent films and comedy in general.