A Police SWAT troop is entering an abandoned factory where a sadistic serial killer named 'The Spider' detained his victims. The entire squad is massacred and for Doctor Leemen, psychiatrist and profiler, is the last unbearable defeat. So, he decide to leave the case and return to his ancient work in a Psychiatric clinic for teenagers. Here he treats Matthew, a sensible and introvert boy that awakes from a coma, who begins to have visions about the crimes of 'The Spider'. Matt and his friend Nick contact Hope, a young journalist that investigate about Spider's murders. Matching Hope's knowledge and Matthew's visions, they have the elements to resolve the case. Studying Matthew's visions and nightmares, they follow the killer's death's spiral from the beginning to the unavoidable face to face that hides a terrible secret.

A Police SWAT troop is entering an abandoned factory where a sadistic serial killer named 'The Spider' detained his victims. The entire squad is massacred and for Doctor Leemen, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (mx) wrote: Really well done low budget movie

kyo 9 (kr) wrote: gr8 movie.. it is totally insane to kill innocent people through religion.. killing others just to aware others is a stupid idea.. I really hope that 'the war' can end soon and people can get on with their daily lives..

Beccy P (de) wrote: i sooooo need 2 c this!

Orlok W (es) wrote: The saga of the men who, having survived 'The Malmedy Massacre', must now journey back to their own lines--About as big as a small movie can be!!

Melvin W (kr) wrote: Billy Pilgrim: It's time for me to be dead for a little while. And then live again. I give you the Tralfamadorian greeting: Hello. Farewell. Hello. Farewell. Eternally connected, eternally embracing. Hello. Farewell."Billy Pilgrim lives- from time to time."I believe Slaughterhouse- Five to be a pretty good adaptation of Vonnegut's masterpiece novel. First off, Vonnegut himself said that this is a worthy adaptation and he should probably have the last word on that issue. The book is one of my personal favorites. So obviously the movie isn't going to be as good, but I didn't expect it to be. I hate when people criticize a movie for not being as good as the book. They can't include every little detail from the book, so obviously some areas are going to suffer slightly. This adaptation left out a lot of stuff, but that's normal. Only one exclusion made me slightly angry and that was Kilgore Trout; the science fiction novelist from the book. I think his inclusion would have helped a lot of people who hadn't read the book understand the story a little better.With the comparisons to the book out of the way, I have to say I was fairly satisfied with this movie. Going in, I didn't really know how this movie was going to be. The novel had to be incredibly hard to adapt, but George Roy Hill and company do a fantastic job with Vonnegut's structure. It's incoherent, yet coherent, both at the same time. Michael Sacks is everything I pictured when I read the book. He does a fantastic job. The only part of the story that did leave me a little underwhelmed was Tralfamadore. But to be fair, I wouldn't know how to make it any better; I just such high hopes for those scenes going in.It's obviously flawed, as every adaption is, but it's still a good film. If you're interested in the movie, I'd read the book also. You won't be sorry. The book is amazing and the film is a pretty solid companion piece to it.

Brett M (ag) wrote: Soo fucking hilarious!!! Oh god- I must have watched this thing 3 or 4 times and it just never gets any less funny!Its just the best when you can see some of the camera crew and sound mic creep in and out of the shots!!

Ethan B (de) wrote: It's tough to have a Vacation film without that John Hughes flair. But screenwriter, Elisa Bell, has the right idea comedically and stays fairly true to the vibe of the first three films. The only issue with Vegas Vacation is that there's no bigger picture within the plot. Or the one that's present feels overly contrived. In this installment, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) takes his family to Las Vegas for vacation. There, Clark turns into a gambling addict and becomes estranged from his family. His wife (Beverly D'Angelo) and kids get upset at him and decide to go off and have their own pleasures fulfilled. Honestly, Clark's behavior isn't all that bad from what his family can see, so I don't understand where their bitterness is coming from. They're unaware that he's losing money, and the times that he gets separated from the family usually aren't his fault.I get the whole "you've become selfish, so become unselfish again" concept, but the conflict feels forced for the mere sake of having conflict. Even Clark's epiphanic moment is sudden and without a believable catalyst. Just as there is no real reason for Clark's family to be mad at him, there is no real reason why they reconcile in the end either.The best part of this film is its humor. Although over-the-top at times, there's nothing too out of the ordinary for a Vacation film. The most inventive bit is when Clark finds a casino full of made-up games, such as "Rock-Paper-Scissors" or "Pick a Number Between 1 and 10".Overall, it's not a bad watch. It's at least good for some cheap laughs and some '90s Vegas nostalgia. And I get that the audience may want to see more from the Griswolds, but at least give them something more rewarding to make the trip worth while.Twizard Rating: 69

Marcel L (es) wrote: Some books should remain in a literary form. I like John Malkovich but his daughter is raped and the message is Move on!!! Sorry I can't stomach that kind of twisted morality.

Johnny B (ru) wrote: Not a perfect movie, but possibly one of Eastwood's most underrated. This is easily one of my favorite spy/hitman movies.