Visitor Q

Visitor Q

A father, who is a failed former television reporter tries to mount a documentary about violence and sex among youths. He proceeds to have sex with his daughter who is now a prostitute and films his son being humiliated and hit by classmates. "Q", a perfect stranger somehow gets involved and enters the bizarre family whose son beats his mom, who in turn is also a prostitute and a heroin addict.

A troubled and perverted family find their lives intruded by a mysterious stranger who seems to help find a balance in their disturbing natures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claudia G (br) wrote: have some scary moments

Jordy N (au) wrote: Films like this is proof that Danny Boyle is part of Hollywoods elite

Pratik K (fr) wrote: my favourite bollywood movie...till nowgreat performances and very patriotic.

Dillon L (it) wrote: Oh my god... there's a shitload more yet.

Kyle G (gb) wrote: A rockin good time for the whole family, if you can actually get ahold of the VHS version (it's impossible on DVD to find it). News: I found it on DVD!!!

Mark H (es) wrote: What the fuck are you doing here?I was making a sandwich.

Howard B (de) wrote: There may be no doubt that Slevin is a film loaded to the hilt with over-confident stylistic qualities, but it is not at the loss of substance. Ultimately the complicated story line is translated via fantastically clear and kinetic direction that keeps events interesting, intriguing and entertaining. Some perfect casting choices leave Hartnett and Liu as an unexpectedly engaging on screen couple with oodles of entertainment value on offer just from their off-ball scripted conversations. For some this may be an overly convoluted affair, but for those wanting a film that keeps you guessing, interested and entertained, you can not really do much better. The pay off is great, the characters engaging, what is not to love?

Kendall C (au) wrote: In my humble opinion, David O Russell has yet to top this movie.

Huw G (fr) wrote: A typically clumsy and contrived rom-com is saved by an actor and actress who work well together - it cancels out and makes it mostly quite enjoyable.

Jono F (ag) wrote: great movie dr mahanttans little blue cock like is a deterent but it cool