Hiroshi wakes up in a hospital room and realizes that he was in a serious car accident that caused the death of his girlfriend, Ryoko, as well as the loss of his memory. While trying to regain his memory, one of the first clues that Hiroshi finds are his old medical textbooks that he studied prior to his accident. This gives him a renewed purpose in life and he delves forward into his medical school studies.

After a tragic car accident where his girlfriend Ryôko Ooyama (Nami Tsukamoto) died, Hiroshi Takagi (Tadanobu Asano) suffers amnesia with his memories completely blanked. When he sees a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vee H (nl) wrote: It's definitely a sleeper hit that I happened upon on HBO Zone one slow weekend. I found the movie touching. It's not Oscar worthy, but then again, are all movies meant to be?

Ian G (es) wrote: A cute take on the Night Before Christmas delivery schedule following four generations of Clauses who have born the name Santa and how far they would go to make one almost forgotten childs christmas dream come true while fighting the whole war of old techniques with Reindeer and Sleigh vs computers, GPS and an electronic ship taking the place of the sleigh. Decent vocal cast including Broadbent, Laurie, and McAvoy and has some decent heart warming moments throughout, not quite opn the level of Rudolph and Grinch but works as a year to year gem for the milenial generation.

Amanda (jp) wrote: Was an appealing movie, but could have been better. Though it was rather thought provoking... it was odd.. The ending was good though.

Brad G (kr) wrote: "As a child movies are not good or bad, they're just movies." That brief quote from one of this docs many talking heads struck me hard. That pretty much sums up my current outlook towards cinema and I love that I now have a quote to hang on my insanity. As far as the rest of the documentary, These Amazing Shadows is essential viewing for film fans and even though it's just one big commercial for the National Film Registry, I am totally on board. And who doesn't love hearing Rob Reiner geek out over It's A Wonderful Life or John Waters on The Wizard of Oz or John Singleton on why the Ku Klux Klan love letter Birth of a Nation needs to be preserved. VF.

Heather M (it) wrote: This holiday movie was a little too saccharine sweet for my tastes.

Deb K (de) wrote: It's a conceptual blend of Saw and the Cube with one slight difference... the captor doesn't force the events on the "players" of his game, they are left on their own to win $5 million, and are only given food, and left on their own.

Kelly S (us) wrote: Good job done by River Pheonix as well as the rest of the cast. A little freaky at times, but River did an amazing job!

Bill T (it) wrote: Probably worshiped by U2 fans and shoulder shrugged by everyone else, I think you may have to at least somewhat like U2 in order to enjoy this. Heck, I do, but even I found this boring, ponderous and pretentious at times (Move that spotlight over closer to me Bono, thanks). Half concert film (the 2nd half) and half documentary, I found the doc portion much more interesting then the concert footage, which featured a lot of Phil Joanou saying "Look what I can do!" Plus, Bono rants about politics a lot in this, yes, during the middle of the concert. U2 has gotten a little bit wiser (actually, the band's own admission) since this period of fumbling of which way to take the band after the enourmous success of The Joshua Tree, (eg, Bono with a guitar) and this can be viewed as such.

Ingmar A (kr) wrote: A camp but great example of a haunted house flick from the 70's. Spooky, not frightening. Reed and Davis are fantastic.

Prach P (au) wrote: The film is a duo-biography of two Italian boys/men born the same day in 1901, one born a peasant, the other a landlord. Their complex relationship is told against the background of the rise of socialism and fascism and the outbreak of the First World War. The film is not a sociological documentary: it is stylised and exaggerated. But its symbolisms and exaggerated messages will provoke a thinking audience to reflect on the causes of the rise of fascism and communism.I like the film's style of story-telling as much as the story told.

Bradley W (us) wrote: Probably my second favorite Western of Eastwood's and one of my favorites of all time. Plot and music alone make it stand out. Perhaps a bit ahead of its time, but nonetheless superb. Through several actions in the film, you come to realize that even the hero is not always a good guy.

John M (it) wrote: Interesting film about a charismatic, revivalist preacher. The film is well made, but you know where it's going. My thought is that "The Apostle," with Robert Duvall is a better film on similar themes.

Hunter S (it) wrote: AHAHAHAHAH THIS IS GOLD

Samuel T (au) wrote: Good idea, bad delivery. Not once I heard anyone speaking Shanghainese for instance. Strong cast nonetheless, hence 3 stars

Brett E (nl) wrote: A well-made (not flawless) movie which succeeds in uniquely telling its story.I do think Benjamin Button should have won Best Picture over this though!